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#international – Our Guests

Promoting international networking and mobility as well as cooperation with excellent researchers from all over the world is one of the goals within the internationalization strategy of the University of Innsbruck. Its implementation is supported by a series of programmes and funding possibilities for guest stays.

Visiting Professor Programmes offer the opportunity to recruit highly qualified international academic staff for a set period of time (one to a maximum of four months, depending on the programme).

This comparably long research stay allows visiting professors to be involved in the everyday life of the departments as well as a closer exchange with colleagues and students. The focused cooperation on site and the resulting new impulses represent a valuable enrichment for both research and teaching. Young researchers and doctoral students also benefit from the visiting professors by obtaining new input and know-how for their own research and expanding their international network.

Since 2022, the University of Innsbruck has been introducing its guests on this webpage and providing insights into their academic work, but also into their experiences and challenges in their new environment through short interview portraits.




Our Guest: Gökhan Mura



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