Our Guest: Elena Nuzzo

Elena Nuzzo


LFUI Guest Professorship
June - July 2022

Home university / Country
Roma Tre University / Italy

Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics

Research areas
Pragmatic aspects of communication and task-based language teaching

Guest of 
Eva Maria Hirzinger-Unterrainer &
Nicola Brocca

Department of subject-specific Education, Area of Language Education

Guest lecture
13.06.2022: “Developing an interdisciplinary view of task-based teaching”

 "Findings and answers to research questions always lead to new questions."


I am visiting the University of Innsbruck because...

I am visiting the University of Innsbruck because I have been collaborating with colleagues from the Institut für Fachdidaktik for a few years. In 2019, I was invited there for a seminar on task-based language teaching by the Associazione Docenti di Italiano (ADI), and I had the opportunity to meet researchers from the area of Language Education who were working on the same topics as me. So, we started working together on some projects and eventually they invited me as a visiting professor to further strengthen our cooperation.


At the University of Innsbruck I will...

At the University of Innsbruck, I will teach a master course on Methods and Instruments of Teaching-Specific Didactic Research, with a focus on Italian. Also, I will conduct joint research with some colleagues from the area of Language Education. Specifically, we will develop our research projects on task-based language teaching and pragmatic instruction in Italian as a second language.


The University of Innsbruck is different from my home institution in...

The University of Innsbruck is different from my home institution in that it is located in a small town, while my home institution is one of the universities of the capital city. Furthermore, there are interesting differences in terms of organization of faculties and departments. For example, we do not have a department of Subject-specific Education or an area of Language Education in my home institution. And I wish we had something like that.

What fascinates me about my scientific work is...

What fascinates me about scientific work is the fact that it is very similar to investigative work, and I do like crime fiction. What is even better is that no one's lives are at stake, and the fun is never ending thanks to the cyclical process of research: findings and answers to research questions always lead to new questions. All this makes scientific work intriguing and exciting.

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