Our Guest: Shmuel Marco

Shmuel Marco


Guest professor at the University of Innsbruck
Under the auspices
of Austria-Israel Academic Network Innsbruck (AIANI)


Home university / Country
Tel Aviv University / Israel

Full Professor, Department of Geophysics

Research areas
Earthquakes, Palaeoseismology, Archaeoseismology, Soft-sediment-deformation, Palaeomagnetism, Archaeomagnetism, Palaeomagnetic-secular-variation

Guest of 
Michael Strasser

Department of Geology 

 "The University of Innsbruck offers the best combination of marvelous location and outstanding research opportunities."


I am visiting the University of Innsbruck because...

... the best and most advanced group of geologists that specializes in sedimentary geology, particularly in using lake sediments as paleo-earthquake recorders, is found here. The geology department is vibrant, very active, well-equipped, and the research that is carried out here is at the world cutting edge. The University of Innsbruck offers the best combination of marvellous location and outstanding research opportunities.


Innsbruck for me is...

... the perfect location that has everything I like, including stunning accessible nature, cultural heritage, a pleasant laid-back city, with all the necessary facilities, and an excellent university.


What fascinates me about scientific work is...

... the knowledge that you’ll never reach an end, you will always have new questions and your curiosity will keep taking you where no one has ever been before. It beautifully illustrates the famous quote by Heraclitus: "you can't step in the same river twice".


For my students I give the following advices...

Follow your curiosity, identify what you can do best and what makes you happy when you do it, and pursue it.

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