Our Guest: Anna Wallerman Ghavanini



LFUI Guest Professorship supported by the Circle of Supporters (Förderkreis 1669)
January - February 2022 

Home university / Country
University of Gothenburg / Sweden

Associate Professor of EU Law

Research areas
Civil procedure, EU law, Legal Empirical Studies, Judicial Politics

Guest of 
Clara Rauchegger

Digital Science Center (DiSC) &
Department of Legal Theory and Future of Law

Guest lecture
18.02.2022: “Understanding Law through Empirical Methods and Digital Tools

 "I am in constant awe of being fortunate enough to be a student for life."


I am visiting the University of Innsbruck because...

I am visiting the University of Innsbruck because of its interdisciplinarity and its strong profile in digitalization. Legal scholarship tends to be quite isolated from other academic fields, and also internally divided into subdisciplines. The Digital Science Centre is something completely different. It is extremely diverse and covers a lot of ground scientifically speaking, and so it is a very stimulating environment for trying out new approaches to my topic and for learning something completely different. In my own work I analyse how courts’ decision-making is affected by external factors, such as political pressure, relying on empirical and machine-assisted methods, so I really thrive on the opportunity to develop my research in collaboration with colleagues from different disciplines. Together we enrich each other.


Innsbruck for me is...

Innsbruck for me is a wonderful combination of city life and country activity – work and pleasure all in one. I have visited before as a tourist and explored the amazing Tirolean outdoors, but this is my first chance to acquaint myself properly with the city and the University and I am thrilled to discover how much it has to offer.


What fascinates me about scientific work is...

What fascinates me about scientific work is that one is always learning. I am in constant awe of being fortunate enough to be a student for life. In most other professions, not knowing is a problem, or at least a liability – but for a scholar, not knowing is a promise of something new and exciting. It is particularly rewarding to work in an interdisciplinary context, where we can benefit not only from our own research but also from our colleagues’ expertise – it expands one’s horizons in a truly mind-blowing way. It is a privilege to be able to spend one’s days exploring the puzzles one finds most fascinating in collaboration with some of the brightest minds in the field.

From Innsbruck I take home with me...

From Innsbruck I take home with me a much-needed injection of energy and inspiration. After the bleakness of the last two years, the opportunity to travel and meet with colleagues – even cautiously under the pandemic conditions that still prevail – feels like a new start. I also take with me memories of the gorgeous Tirolean scenery, the first rays of sunlight on the mountain tops, the views from the mountain huts. And most probably a quantity of alpine cheese and Austrian chocolate.

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