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The following materials can be borrowed from the Canadian Studies Centre for one month.

You can use this form (doc/pdf) to pre-order media and then pick them up quickly and easily at the Canadian Studies Centre. Alternatively, you can fill out the form for the media you wish to borrow at the office. We also invite you to simply come to the office to search our media library and browse our books!




The University and State Library Innsbruck has one of the largest collections of Canada-related publications in Austria (primary literature as well as secondary literature) and is constantly expanding this collection in consultation with the Canadian Studies Centre.

The cooperation between the two institutions has a long history, from the first donations of the Canadian government to the ULB in the form of co-funding, through regular book donations from the ZKS to the ULB, to sustained support of the ZKS by the ULB.

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In addition, books related to Canada can also be borrowed from the office of the Canadian Studies Centre. A list of available works can be downloaded here.



Journals/Publication Series

The Canadian Studies Centre has - independently of the ULB - its own collection of scientific journals as well as individual volumes of various publication series. A detailed list of available volumes can be requested at or downloaded here.

  • Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft für Kanadastudien: year 1981 to now
  • Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Kanadastudien: 1981-2012
  • Beiträge zur Kanadistik - Schriftenreihe der Gesellschaft für Kanadastudien: Volume 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Canadian Studies in Europe/Études Canadiennes en Europe (The European Network for Canadian Studies): Volume 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
  • International Journal of Canadian Studies/Revue Internationale d'Études Canadiennes: Volume 36, 38, 42, 45-46
  • Ahornblätter - Marburger Beiträge zur Kanada-Forschung: Volume 13, 14, 15
  • Canada's Ethnic Groups/Les groupes ethniques du Canada (Canadian Historical Association/La société historique du Canada): Volume 1-31
  • Historical Booklet/Brochure Historique (Canadian Historical Association/La société historique du Canada): Volume 1-63
  • BULLETIN des Archivs für Textmusikforschung (BAT): 2005-2015
  • etc.




  • "HISTORICA – L’Encyclopédie canadienne" – zweisprachig, 11 000 Artikel, Multimedia-Items, Internetlinks, innovative und interaktive Spiele für den Unterricht etc. – "HISTORICA – The Canadian Encyclopedia" - 2003 edition, bilingual, more than 11.000 articles with links, multimedia-items, interactive games for teaching units, etc.
  • "CANADA Confederation to Present. An interactive history of Canada"
    Umfassender Abriss der kanadischen Geschichte, beinhaltet zahlreiche Filme wichtiger Ereignisse, interaktive Karten und Panoramas. Englische Version. Hg.: Chinook Multimedia in Zusammenarbeit mit dem kanadischen Kulturministerium und der University of Alberta.
  • "Dictionary of Canadian Biography - Dictionnaire biographique du Canada"
    Interaktive Kanada-Biographie. Englisch und Französisch. Hg.: Université de Laval/University of Toronto.
  • "Études canadiennes en personne - Canadian Studies in Person"
    Interview-Serie mit zehn führenden Kanadisten. Französisch und Englisch. Hg.: Université d'Ottawa, Institut d'études canadiennes/Institute of Canadian Studies.
  • "Parliament Hill" – An Interactive Tour
    An Interactive Tour takes you on a guided tour of Centre Block in Ottawa, and teaches you about the history and architecture of Canada’s most important national landmark.
  • "International Journal of Canadian Studies" (Issues 1-16)
    "For the Record 1997: The UN Human Rights System" - A Canadian contribution to the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • "Study in CANADA/Étudier au CANADA" 2004 Edition – A Complete Listing of Schools in Canada!
  • "Integration and Fragmentation in Canada and the United States" (University of Ottawa, 2002)
  • Inuktitut – Sprachprobe der Inuitsprache (1.45 min)
  • Kenneth McRoberts, Conférence Bronfman 2006
    Conférence de l’Institut d’études canadiennes/Institute of Canadian Studies Lecture
  • Louise Frechette, Conférence Bronfman 2007
    Conférence de l’Institut d’étude canadiennes/Institute of Canadian Studies Lecture
  • Dinu Bumbaru, Conférence Bronfman 2008
    Conférence de l’Institut d’études canadiennes/Institute of Canadian Studies Lecture : "Sense of Place in Mutation. Canadian Cities and the Heritage of Metropolis"
  • Wajdi Mouawad, Conférence Bronfman 2009
    Conférence de l’Institut d’études canadiennes/Institute of Canadian Studies Lecture : "Art et politique" (Dokumentation zu Québec in französischer Sprache, 57 min)
  • Valerie Amiraux, University of Montreal – 2nd Obergurgl Governance Symposium: Governance and Religion, 2008
    "From Social Problem to Legal Issue: the Governance of Islam in European Contexts"
  • "Tumivut: Traces of our footsteps" (Avataq Cultural Institute, 2002)
  • Paul Okalik (Premier of Nunavut)
    "Five Years of Nunavut", Freirad: Freies Radio Innsbruck (6.10.2004)


DVDs - movies

DVDs - documentaries

    The Great Adventure, People of the Ice, Washed Away, Climate on the Edge, Lords of the Arctic
    La grande traversée, Le peuple de la glace, À la dérive, Menaces sur le toit du monde, Les seigneurs de l'Arctique
  • CIRCLES, a documentary by Shanti Thakur
  • ENJEUX EDUCATION (set of 3 DVDs)
    Une école sans frontières, 538 x la vie, Histoire d'être humain
  • PASSPORT TO CANADA (set of 2 DVDs)
    bilingual, offers a stunning overview of life in Canada, accompanied by a free, comprehensive teacher's guide with ideas for classroom activities
    The Ancient Ones, Land of Riches, On the Edge, Once and Future Wild
  • THE OIL CRASH, Dokumentation von Basil Gelpke und Ray McCormack



Teaching Materials

  • "Le cercle d'apprentissage" – Activités pédagogiques sur les Premières Nations au Canada, für Altersstufe 4-8 Jahre
  • "The Learning Circle" - Classroom Activities on First Nations in Canada, für Altersstufe 8-11 Jahre
  • Arbeitsmappen zu den Ureinwohnern Kanadas (englische oder französische Version) für Altersstufen 4-7 Jahre, 8-11 Jahre, 12-14 Jahre
  • Vorschläge für einen Kanada-Vormittag zusammengestellt von Mireille Gomes, für Altersstufe 11-14 Jahre
  • C3: Canadian Communication Culture - An Introductory E-Learning Website by Norm Friesen, Ph.D., Gastprofessor an der Universität Innsbruck (April-Mai 2006)
    The site provides images, multimedia, and other ways for readers to explore the history, accomplishments and character of Canada's communication culture. It is divided into four main sections. Each section presents a short discussion of a corresponding topic, and provides suggested links and at least one multi-media resource. The site is designed for students in higher levels of school education (e.g. Gymnasium Oberstufe) and lower levels of post-secondary education. It is also intended to be useful to first-time visitors to Canada.
  • Canada in the Classroom
    This website is intended as a research tool for teachers of English, French, Geography and History, but also offers a multitude of sources of information for anyone interested in Canada.


Videos - movies


Videos - documentaries


Premier coffret: LA TRILOGIE DE L'ÎLE-AUX-COUDRES: Pour la suite du monde, Le Règne du jour, Les Voitures d’eau, Le Beau Plaisir

Deuxième coffret: LE FLEUVE: Les Voiles bas et en travers, La grande Allure (2 parties), Pierre Perrault parle du fleuve

Troisième coffret: L'HOMME ET LA NATURE: Le Goût de la farine, Les Pays de la terre sans arbres ou le Mouchouânipi, La Bête lumineuse, Les Traces du rêve

Quatrième coffret: LE CYCLE ABITIBIEN: Un royaume vous attend, C’était un Québécois en Bretagne madame!, Gens d’Abitibi, Le Retour à la terre

Cinquième coffret: LA QUÊTE D'IDENTITÉ COLLECTIVE: Un pays sans bon sens! L’Acadie l’Acadie ?!? Cornouailles, L’Oumigmag ou l’Objectif documentaire

  • SALT WATER PEOPLE (classroom version), a documentary by Maurice Bulbulian
    Salt Water People User’s Guide (26 Seiten, s.a. Sonstiges)
  • SCHAUPLATZ DER GESCHICHTE, Dokumentation von Peter Brugger

  • TRANS CANADA: QUÉBEC,  Dokumentation von Jörg Goralewski

  • PROFESSION ÉCRIVAIN: Anne Hébert, Antonine Maillet, Gaston Miron, Gérard Bessette, Marie-Claire Blais, Gabrielle Roy, Yves Thériault, Michel Trembly, Réjean Ducharme, Marcel Dubé, Gratien Gélinas, Jacques Ferron, documentaire de Jacques Godbout


  • LA BELLE PROVINCE, Weite Welt auf Video, Kanadas Osten, Dokumentation

  • GRAND HÔTEL DES ÉTRANGERS, documentaire de Michel Lemieux et Victor Pilon
  • LA VOISINE, Dulcinée Langfelder



Vinyl Records

The list of vinyl records (mostly classical music) available in the office of the Canadian Studies Centre can be downloaded here.

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