Research papers on the reception of Canadian writers

Over the past few years, the Canadian Studies Centre has initiated several studies on the reception of Canadian writers in the German-speaking countries. Its partner is the Innsbrucker Zeitungsarchiv IZA, a documentation centre for the reception of German and foreign-language literature which is of particular interest to researchers in two respects: on the one hand, the archive is the only such institution in the German-speaking world which collects without any selection foreign-language literature based on trustworthy scientific criteria; on the other hand, it serves the interests of researchers by sending copies of articles by mail, which is not legally possible with other collections (including the German Literature Archive in Marbach).

From Gil Adamson to Alexi Zentner:
Canada in the Innsbrucker Zeitungsarchiv

There are two databases available for online searches of Canadian literature in the IZA. The “Altbestand” contains retro-digitized articles up to the year 2000, while the “Neubestand” includes digitally prepared articles from the year 2000 onwards. A keyword search in the field "Suche" allows you to narrow down your search to Canadian literature.

In the “Neubestand” a list of keywords appears at this point. If you click on "kanadische Literatur", the articles assigned to this keyword appear on the right. In the lower right-hand corner there is a list of all authors who have been assigned to Canadian literature in the IZA. If you would like to narrow down the list by language - English, French - you will get a first selection by clicking on the list of authors for the keyword "Quebec". For further restrictions, it is advisable to consult the staff.  

In the “Altbestand”, the keyword "Kanada" will take you to the folder "Fremdsprachige Autoren / Kanada", where you can browse through it either locally or digitally. However, the French-speaking province of Quebec does not appear separately here.


The following bibliographies and research articles have resulted from this cooperation:


Katharina Bene: Kanadische Autorinnen und Autoren im IZA. Personalbibliographie zur Rezeption in ausgewählten deutschsprachigen Tages- und Wochenzeitungen. 1965-1999. Innsbruck 1999.

Andrea Krotthammer: Quebecer Autorinnen und Autoren im IZA. Personalbibliographie zur Rezeption in ausgewählten deutschsprachigen Tages- und Wochenzeitungen. 1965-2013. Zusammengestellt von Andrea Krotthammer, auf der Basis der bibliographischen Vorarbeit (1965-1999) von Katharina Bene. Innsbruck 2013.
Introduction to bibliography

Research Articles

Ursula Mathis: "La réception de l'œuvre de Gabrielle Roy dans les pays de langue allemande". In: Fauchon, André (Hg.): Actes du Colloque International Gabrielle Roy. Saint-Boniface, 27-30 septembre 1995. Winnipeg, Presses Universitaires de Saint-Boniface, 1996. 541-562. Zweitveröffentlichung in: Budach, Gabriele ‑ Erfurt, Jürgen (Hg.): Identité franco-canadienne et société civile québécoise. Leipzig, Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 1997. 107-122.

Ursula Mathis-Moser: "’Des illustres invisibles’. À propos de la réception du Québec et de ses auteurs dans les médias imprimés germanophones (1960-2013). Première partie". In: Zacharasiewicz, Waldemar – Staines, David (Hg.): Narratives of Encounters in the North Atlantic Triangle. Wien, Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2015. 363-382.

Ursula Mathis-Moser: "‘Illustre Unsichtbare‘: Zur Rezeption Québecer AutorInnen in deutschsprachigen Printmedien (1960-2013). Teil 1 und Teil 2". In: Zeitschrift für Kanadastudien 35,1 (2015), 90-119.

Ursula Mathis-Moser: "Anne Hébert et la réception de son œuvre dans les pays germanophones". In: Les Cahiers Anne Hébert 15 (2018), 63-88.


Canadian incoming students at the IZA

Furthermore, the IZA is also of great interest to Canadian students of German and comparative literature studies. Two Canadian students have for instance already been able to complete an internship in the archive and the young Québec scientist André Garceau based his master's thesis on the Andreas Hofer myth on data material from the IZA.

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