Student Exchange

Department of American Studies and Utah State University in Logan, Utah, USA

Since February 2000, our students have had the opportunity to apply for an exchange semester at Utah State University (USU).

Open Call for Applications - Summer Semester 2025

Apply to study at the University of Utah during the summer semester 2025. The call will be open from May 15, 2024 to Jul. 15, 2024. Find more detailed information on the application process below.

Questions? Contact Sandra Tausel, BA, BA, MA for more information.

Application Process

If you wish to apply for the exchange program, you should have a strong interest in American literature and culture. It is recommended that you have already completed your undergraduate degree or are well advanced in your BA studies at the time of application.

Current application period: May 15, 2024 to Jul. 15, 2024

The application needs to be submitted online via the application platform of the International Relations Office. Their website also provides all necessary information regarding the application process and offers a student guide. To apply, you must submit the following documents (in English) via the online platform: 

  1. A one-page letter of motivation describing your reasons for applying to USU and your qualifications, the courses you would like to take there and how they match your study and research interests, your expectations, and how you think you can benefit from this exchange.
  2. A current curriculum vitae in tabular form.
  3. A complete copy of your grades (record of all your BA grades and proof of academic achievement).

After submitting your application, you will be invited to an interview with the coordinator of the exchange program, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Quendler. You will receive further information about the program and the next steps.


Some of the factors in the cost breakdown (e.g. meals and study materials or books) are dependent on you or your eventual course choice and are therefore difficult to classify. However, since these are comparatively small items compared to the other areas such as travel expenses and lodging, etc., they should be manageable. 

You will be responsible for your own housing in Utah (about $850-1400 per semester, depending on whether you choose a single room or share your room). However, USU, just like the University of Innsbruck, is trying to find affordable housing. You can find more details about this at the following link:

During your semester abroad, you only have to pay the ÖH fee at the University of Innsbruck, which is less than € 20. In addition, there is an application fee, a fee for your J-1 visa application, and the SEVIS fee of € 85. The tuition fees in Utah itself will be waived.

In addition, once you have been successfully accepted into the exchange program, you can apply to the University's Office of International Relations for a Joint-Study Scholarship (approximately €300-400). Learn more at 


Recommended Course Selection and ECTS

Exchange students can take 12-18 credits of courses if they are registered as "Undergraduates", 9 as "Graduate Students". Most courses offered at USU are about 3 credits each.

Your final course selection should be four courses. You may not yet be able to access the course catalog for the semester you are considering, but you can get an idea of the courses offered at this link to USU's course catalog: 


Further Steps

If, after submitting your materials and after the personal selection interview, you are nominated for a spot in the exchange program, your materials will go to Utah State University (USU) for further processing and to the Office of International Relations (you can apply for a joint-study program there, link below).

You will complete all USU application materials and include confirmation from your bank for your visa application that you or your parents have a principle of up to $7,000 per semester. USU will then send you an information packet and a form to apply for the J1 visa. Obtaining the visa is your responsibility. Therefore, please contact the US Embassy in Vienna or the Consulate in Munich by telephone arrangement. The question of international insurance must also be clarified by you personally.

Useful Links

Office for International Relations, University of Innsbruck:

General information about Utah State University:

USU registration formalities, immigration, insurance and student life:

Housing options at USU:

Logan City / USU Campus Map:


For more information, please contact Sandra Tausel:

Sandra Tausel, BA, BA, MA
Institute for American Studies, room 40308
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck
Tel +43 512 507-4176
Fax +43 512 507-2879


Study abroad coordinator for the Utah State University at the University of Innsbruck

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Christian Quendler
Institute for American Studies
University of Innsbruck
Innrain 52
6020 Innsbruck

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