Bernd F. Reitsamer, PhD



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Akademischer Werdegang

seit 02/2019

Assistenzprofessor am Institut für Strategisches Management, Marketing und Tourismus, Universität Innsbruck

seit 10/2016

Lektor am Lehrstuhl für Marketing und Innovation der Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg

2016 - 2019

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Lektor am MCI Management Center Innsbruck (Department Tourismus & Freizeitwirtschaft)


Visiting Scholar an der HSE Higher School of Economics Moscow (RUS)

2011 - 2016

Universitätsassistent Prae-Doc an der Universität Innsbruck

2010 - 2015

PhD Program Management an der Universität Innsbruck (Ph.D.)

Dissertationsthema: „Consumption Experience in Servicescapes – Structural Composition, Consequences and Dynamics“

07 - 09/2010

Auslandsstudium an der London School of Economics (UK)

08 - 12/2008

Auslandsstudium an der Copenhagen Business School (DK)

2005 - 2010

Betriebswirtschaftliches Diplomstudium an der Universität Innsbruck (Mag.)



  • Experiential Marketing

  • Consumer Behavior in Servicescapes

  • Retrospection and Embodied Cognition

  • Destinationsmanagement

Publikationen (Auswahl)

Reitsamer, B.F., & Brunner-Sperdin, A. (2021). It's All About The Brand - Place Brand Credibility, Place Attachment and Consumer Loyalty. Journal of Brand Management, 28(3), 291-301.    

Reitsamer, B.F., Streicher, M.C., & Teichmann, K. (2020). Sensorimotor Experiences in Servicescapes Predict Attitude Formation Through Memory Dynamics: A Longitudinal Study. Psychology & Marketing, 37(3), 479-487.   

Muskat, B., & Reitsamer, B.F. (2019). Quality of Work Life and Generation Y - How Gender and Organizational Type Moderate Job Satisfaction. Personnel Review, 49(1), 265-283.  

Reitsamer, B.F., Brunner-Sperdin, A., & Stokburger-Sauer, N.E. (2016). Destination Attractiveness and Destination Attachment: The Mediating Role of Tourists’ Attitude. Tourism Management Perspectives, 19, 93-101 

Reitsamer, B.F. (2015). Post-Consumptive Experience in Servicescapes – The Impact of Mental Reenactment on Consumers’ Loyalty. Marketing Theory and Applications, 26, c6-c14.

Konferenzbeiträge (Auswahl)

Reitsamer, B.F., Kuhnle, J.S., & Stokburger-Sauer, N.E. (2022). Less Is Sometimes More - How Effective Customer Journey Designs Impact Willingness to Pay a Price Premium. AMA Winter Academic Conference, February 10-11, Las Vegas, NV (online).

Becker, L., & Reitsamer, B.F. (2022). (Bitter)Sweet Memories: How Lived Customer Experiences Become Remembered Experiences. International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management (QUIS), January 12-15, Valencia, Spain.

Kuhnle, J.S., Reitsamer, B.F., & Stokburger-Sauer, N.E. (2022). Unfolding the Potential of Brand-owned Touchpoints: How Effective Customer Journey Design Drives Customer Behavior. International Research Symposium on Service Excellence in Management (QUIS), January 12-15, Valencia, Spain.

Reitsamer, B.F., Kallmuenzer, A., & Katitas, A. (2020). Dynamics of Consumption Experience – The Case of Eastern Express in Turkey. Association for Consumer Research Annual Conference (ACR), October 1-4, Paris, France (online).

Mayr, C., & Reitsamer, B.F. (2019). Brand Trust in the Hotel Industry - How Online Customer Reviews Affect Tourist Behavior. Proceedings of the 48th EMAC Conference 2019, May 28-31, Hamburg, Germany.



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