Conference Site and Hotel: Universitätszentrum Obergurgl

The Conference will be held in the Universitätszentrum (University Centre) Obergurgl of the University of Innsbruck where already the 15th, 17th,  19th and 21st SASP have been held successfully. Obergurgl is a small village located 100 km away from Innsbruck in the back of the Ötztal Valley at 1930 m above sea level, near the place where Ötzi was found. It is located 100 km away from Innsbruck in the upper Ötztal valley.

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Obergurgl can be reached by public transportation (train and bus) from Innsbruck. For registered participants convenient access will be provided by a shuttle service from and to Innsbruck organized at the beginning and end of the conference. Participants will be accommodated in the Universitätszentrum Obergurgl. All presentations and the joint meals (dinner) will be organized in the Universitätszentrum. 

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