Confirmed invited speakers

last updated: Dec 28, 2009

Markus Arndt On the influence of the internal properties on quantum interference with clusters and molecules
Friedrich Aumayr Surface nanostructures created by irradiation with slow highly charged ions
Rainer Beck Quantum-state resolved studies of gas/surface reaction dynamics
Kurt Becker The DM Formalism: A Versatile Approach for Calculating Electron Ionization Cross Sections of Atoms, Molecules, Ions, and Clusters
Jan Hendrik Bredehöft Low Energy Electron induced reactions in Astrochemistry
Eleanor Campbell Angle-resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Fullerenes with fs and ps Laser Excitation
Wolfgang Christen Probing Supersonic Beams from Supercritical Fluids - An Experimental and Theoretical Study
Pierre Defrance Electron-impact ionization and dissociation of molecular ions: The CDn+ (n=1-4) series
Odile Dutuit Titan ionospheric chemistry
Olof Echt Clusters in clusters - synthesis and characterization of clusters embedded in helium nanodroplets
Andrew M. Ellis Spectroscopy of metal-solvent clusters: a gas phase journey to solvated electrons
Wolfgang E. Ernst
Alkali Aggregates on Cold Helium Droplets: Formation of High-Spin States and Electron Spin Resonance
Stefan Feil Irradiation of biomolecular nanosystems with fast protons
Filipe Ferreira da Silva K+ CD3NO2 collision experiments
Tom Field Radiative Electron Attachment and Formation of Negative Molecular Ions in the Interstellar Medium
Gerd Ganteför Photodesorption from Metal Clusters
Francesco A. Gianturco Structural Microtransitions in 4He Droplets: Stochastic Calculations for Anionic and Cationic Dopants
Kersti Hermansson Modelling molecular physisorption and chemisorption on metal oxides
Bernd A. Huber Fragmentation and fusion of molecular systems induced by ion impact
Oddur Ingolfsson Selective bond cleavage in large involatile molecules through low energy electrons
Ralf I. Kaiser The Chemical Evolution of Titan´s Atmosphere - From Homogeneous to Heterogeneous Chemistry
Roberto Marquardt Multidimensional molecular quantum dynamics in the gas phase and on substrates
Nigel J. Mason to be announced
Stefan Matejcik Electron induced fluorescence study of the second positive system of N2
Christopher A. Mayhew The development and applications of a novel Ion Mobility Spectrometer - Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (IMS-ITMS) for the detection of threat agents
Martin Quack Parity and Nuclear Spin Symmetry: Their Conservation and Violation in Intramolecular Dynamics
Detlef Schooss Structures of Gold Cluster Ions by Trapped Ion Electron Diffraction
Andrey Solov'yov Nanoparticles on a surface: atomistic approach for structure, dynamics and pattern formation
Domenico Stranges Ultraviolet photodissociation dynamics of the allyl and isopropyl radicals
Toshiyuki Takayanagi Quantum dynamics studies of molecules and clusters
Joachim Ullrich Brilliant FEL Light: New Frontiers in AMO Research
Klaus von Haeften Fluorescence of Silicon Nanoparticles Suspended in Water
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