Hot topic lectures

last updated: Jan 2, 2014

Sieghard Albert Synchrotron based FTIR spectroscopy of the chiral molecules CDBrClF and CHBrIF
Christian Alcaraz FT-ICR studies of anionic reactions for the chemistry of planetary ionospheres
Daniela Ascenzi Ion-molecule reactions of relevance for astrochemistry
Oskar Asvany Rotational and Rovibrational Spectroscopy at 4K: Laser Induced Inhibition of Complex Growth
Oliver Bünermann Inelastic Hydrogen Atom Scattering: A new tool to investigate energy conversion processes at surfaces
Katharina Dobes Interaction of Be surfaces with fusion relevant seeding impurity and fueling ions
Karl-Heinz Ernst Molecular surface dynamics by inelastic electron tunneling: rotors and unidirectional motion
Juraj Fedor Molecular dynamics probed with free electrons: dissociation mediated by π*/σ* mixing
Marc C. van Hemert Molecular Dynamics Simulations of CO2 Formation in Interstellar ices
P. Morten Hundt Vibrationally Promoted Chemisorption of Water on Ni(111)
Markus Kowalewski Wave packet dynamics of the gas phase collision reaction of chloride and methyl iodine
Albrecht Lindinger Two-photon excitation by polarization shaped laser pulses for improved anisotropy contrast
John P. Maier A Novel Method to Measure Electronic Spectra of Cold Molecular Ions
Gereon Niedner-Schatteburg Elucidating the Building and Breaking of Hydrogen Bonds:Two color delay dependent IR probing of torsional isomerization in a [AgL1L2]+ complex
Thomas Rizzo Combining ion mobility, cold ion spectroscopy and mass spectrometry for investigations of gas-phase peptides
Jana Roithová Benzene Dication
Štěpán Roučka Ion trap study of O- + H2 interaction at low temperatures
Tim Schäfer Surface scattering of oriented and velocity controlled diatomic molecules
Petra Swiderek Cation reactions in electron-initiated chemistry
Fabio Zappa Metastable hydrogen atoms from H2 molecules: towards the realization of “twin” atoms
Henning Zettergren Prompt atom knockout in PAH++He collisions
Ralf Zimmermann Dynamic two-dimensional mapping of gaseous combustion and pyrolysis product concentrations in solid-fuel combustion: Looking into a burning cigarette
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