Confirmed invited speakers

last updated: Jan 2, 2014

Martin Beyer Electron induced chemical reactions in water clusters
Oleg Boyarkin Cold Ion Spectroscopy for Structural Determination of Peptides and Proteins
Mark Brouard The stereodynamics of inelastic scattering of NO(X) by Ar
Piergiorgio Casavecchia Molecular beam studies of polyatomic multichannel nonadiabatic reaction dynamics of oxygen atoms
Regina de Vivie-Riedle Molecular features in complex environment: cooperative team players during excited state bond cleavage
Alexander Dorn Novel Studies of Electron-Impact Induced Ionization of Atoms, Molecules and Clusters
Gary E. Douberly High-Resolution Stark Spectroscopy of OH Containing Complexes in Helium Nanodroplets
Philippe Dugourd Ion mobility spectrometry: application to protein-ligand and metal-ligand complexes
Olivier Dulieu Ion-neutral chemistry at ultralow energies: Dynamics of reactive collisions between laser-cooled ions and atoms in an ion-atom hybrid trap
Andrew M. Ellis Cluster and particle formation in helium nanodroplets
Wolfgang E. Ernst Dynamics of molecules and clusters in helium droplets
Frank Hagelberg Computational Studies on Magnetism in Carbon Nanostructures
Bill Hase Direct dynamics simulations of gas-phase SN2 nucleophilic substitution reactions. Atomistic mechanisms and comparisons with experiment
Oddur Ingolfson Velocity Slice Imaging in Dissociative Electron Attachment studies
Mark Johnson Cryogenic ion vibrational and electronic predissociation spectroscopy
Jochen Küpper Controlled complex molecules for cool chemistry and hot imaging
Marius Lewerenz Cluster size dependence of vibrational frequency shifts of small molecular ions inside helium clusters
Roberto Marquardt Scattering Quantum Dynamics of NO with Cu
Nigel J Mason 2014 The dawn of the age of anion chemistry
Stefan Matejcik Atmospheric pressure ion chemistry studied by Ion mobility-mass spectrometry
Chris A. Mayhew The advantages and potential of drift-tube chemical ionisation mass spectrometric techniques for the detection of threat agents
Frederic Merkt Molecular Rydberg states and ions: high-resolution spectroscopy and electrostatic trapping
Markus Oster Single particle aerosol mass spectrometry
Beate Paulus The Method of Increments applied to Adsorption on Surfaces
Stephen Price The reactions of gas-phase dications and trications with neutral species: reactivity and dynamics
Helmut Schwarz Mass Spectrometry and Catalysis Research: A Happy Marriage
Alkwin Slenczka Prospects and limitations of electronic spectroscopy in superfluid helium nano droplets
Jürgen Stohner What are chiral molecules good for?
Bas van de Meerakker Cold and Controlled Collisions using Stark-decelerated molecular beams
Marcio Varella Transient Anion States of 5-Halouracils
Violaine Vizcaino Fragmentation of complex biomolecular systems upon interaction with multiply charged ions
Veronique Vuitton How do we reconcile the observed and modeled HCNH+ density in Titan's ionosphere?
Karl-Michael Weitzel Bombardment induced ion transport through glasses and polymers: conductivity measurements and diffusion profiles
Armin Wisthaler Application of Ion-Molecule-Reactions for Atmospheric Composition Research
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