Confirmed invited speakers

last updated: Oct 19, 2021

Daniela Ascenzi Isomers effect in ion-molecule reactions of astrochemical relevance
Lorenz Cederbaum Is an efficient intermolecular energy transfer from vibrations to electronic motion possible?
Kalle Ernst
Driving a 3rd generation molecular motor with electrons across a surface
Markus Koch Femtosecond photoexcitation dynamics of atoms and molecules inside helium nanodroplets
Harold Linnartz Ice in Space - the laboratory perspective
Roberto Marquardt Quantum mechanical Mean Square Displacement
Jennifer Meyer Reactive scattering of ion molecule reactions for disentangling chemical reactivity
Ed Narevicius
Dan Neumark
Photoelectron spectroscopy of vibrationally excited anions
Milan Oncak
Mechanisms of Photochemical Hydrogen Evolution on Hydrated Metal Ions
Stephan Schlemmer
20 years of light induced reactions, a tribute to Dieter Gerlich
Stefan Willitsch
State and conformationally selected reactions in the gas phase
Graham Worth
Simulating light-molecule interactions with multiple laser pulses
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