Hot topic lectures

last updated: Nov 11, 2009

M.K. Beyer
A new nanocalorimetric method to measure reaction enthalpies
R. Fantoni LIBS characterization of inner tile superficial layers inside fusion reactors
M. Farnik
Photochemistry in clusters and nanoparticles of atmospheric relevance
L. Feketeova Radical propagation from nucleobase to sugar moiety as a model of damage in DNA
V. Kresin Electrostatic deflection of polar cluster beams: Behavior of deflection profiles; HNO3 dissociation in water clusters
M. Lezius Three-dimensional momentum imaging of electron wave packet interference in few-cycle laser pulses
M. Mudrich Femtosecond spectroscopy of alkali molecules attached to helium nanodroplets
S. Price “Non-statistical” behaviour in the symmetric electron transfer reactions of dications explained: CO22+ + CO2 and O22+ + O2
S. Ptasinska DNA damage induced by non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma jet
J. Seebacher Cross sections and reaction rates for small hydrocarbons in fusion plasmas
A.J. Stace Delayed asymmetric Coulomb fission in size-selected molecular dication clusters
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