Confirmed invited speakers

last updated: Sep 20, 2017

Daniela Ascenzi Ion-molecule reactions of astrochemical relevance
Oskar O. Asvany Rotational spectroscopy in cryogenic ion traps
Nadia Balucani tba
Otto Dopfer BerlinTrap - A new cryogenic 22-pole ion trap spectrometer: Design and first applications
Reinhard Dörner Imaging molecular wave function
Gary E. Douberly Infrared Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Radicals and Radical-Containing Cluster Systems in Helium Droplets
Michel Farizon Out of equilibrium dynamics of water nanodroplets
Michal Farnik Comprehensive cluster investigations in molecular beams: from
atmospheric chemistry to biophysics
Theofanis Kitsopoulos tba
Christiane Koch tba
Vitaly Kresin Sizable electric deflection of cold massive dipoles: Field-oriented polar molecules within helium nanodroplets
Julia Laskin Rational Design of Solid Interfaces Using Soft-landing of Mass-Selected Ions
Harold Linnartz Solid state astrochemistry - pathways towards molecular complexity in space
Ralf Ludwig Hydrogen-bonded clusters of like-charged ions in the gas and liquid phase
Stuart Mackenzie tba
Fernando Martin Garcia tba
Nimrod Moiseyev Cold molecular collision: new theory for new technology
Jonathan P. Reid Mass Transfer Dynamics Across a Gas-Liquid Surface from Single Droplet Measurements
Karsten Reuter tba
Tom Rizzo Cryogenic ion spectroscopy:  A new tool for glycan analysis
Jana Roithova Spectroscopy and reactivity in a low temperature trap
Claire Romanzin tba
Ruth Signorell Low-energy electron transport in water: Aerosol droplets, molecular clusters, and liquid bulk
Petr Slavicek tba
Martin Sterrer tba
Jürgen Stohner Towards the determination of the absolute configuration of small chiral molecules
Yoni Toker tba
Sotiris S. Xantheas tba