Ord4Mining-Archaeo short for Open Research Data for Prehistoric Mining Archaeology is a research project that aims to make archaeologic data created in the DACH-project “Prehistoric copper production in the eastern and central Alps” (FWF I 1670) open and reusable for the scientific community investigating mining, technology transfer and trade connections in prehistoric times. Ord4Mining-Archaeo is an Open Research Data Pilot Project funded through the Austrian Science Fund (FWF ORD 74).

Through research in the project "Information Integration for Prehistoric Mining Archaeology", a workflow has been developed that allows the data generated in the Ord4Mining-Archaeo project to be visualised in a mind map (provided by Mindjet). Based on the RDF network created in CIDOC CRM, the 11 prehistoric mining sites investigated are presented here in the hierarchical view Site->Excavation Cut->Stratigraphic Unit->Find.



QGIS Plugin CRS Guesser


To simplify the determination of the coordinate system for data/coordinates where this is unknown, Brigit Danthine has developed a helpful QGIS plugin... [read more]

ARIADNEplus Cooperation


Thanks to the results in the ORD Pilot the University of Innsbruck was invited to join ARIADNEplus as cooperation partner. [read more]



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