Bronze Age axe documentation and analysis

Original axe analysis data was already present in a spreadsheet format so the processing could start with “C. Tables for Objects (E19) and Research Activities (S4)”, in this case the objects being the axes and the research activities being the metallurgical analysis. The “D. Thesaurus for concepts under BBT and match to AAT and PeriodO“ had to include the specific concepts for the axes.

Workflow Axes


In the “C., D. -> E. RDF Conversation with SQL and Karma“ various SQL Transformations were necessary to align different input spreadsheets as the data was not available in one concise table. For the mapping CRMsci was extensively used as it contains the concepts for these analyses. Part of the mapping is illustrated under “E. RDF Network in Triple Store”. The outcome is again an integrated RDF representation of the axe documentation and analysis:

E.1 RDFs for axe analysis documentation and enhanced Thesaurus on Zenodo / DOI
E.2 Text, shp, xml files Zenodo / DOI for axe analysis documentation
E.3 SPARQL Endpoint for axe analysis documentation
F.1 ARIADNE Portal for axe analysis documentation

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