QGIS Plugin CRS Guesser

To simplify the determination of the coordinate system for data/coordinates where this is unknown, Brigit Danthine has developed a helpful QGIS plugin (currently only available in German).

With the help of this plugin it is possible to either enter a specific coordinate (e.g. from a text file) or to select a layer whose CRS is unknown. This coordinate/layer is then reprojected from the coordinate systems defined in a list (currently available: "Austria", "All" and "Custom") into the freely selectable output coordinate system and the new layer is automatically loaded.

With the help of a background map the best placed point or the best placed layer extent can now be determined and the correct coordinate system for the unknown file can be read from the attribute table.

All information including the current download link can be found at:
https://wiki.uibk.ac.at/archaeologien-howtodigitalarchaeology/index.php?title=CRS_Guesser (currently only available in German).

Questions, comments or wishes are welcome at any time to Brigit Danthine.

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