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Welcome to the Homepage of the Department of Philosophy at the Theological Faculty Innsbruck!

We are a lively group of philosophers engaged in a number of fascinating reseach projects. The Department offers competitive graduate and undergraduate programs covering a wide range of fields in core areas of philosophy. Among the special strengths of the Department are classical and modern metaphysics, scholastic philosophy, epistemology, the philosophy of persons and ethics. Additionally, we are among the leading Central European institutions in analytic philosophy of religion.

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Congratulations to Claudia Paganini on the Pater Johannes Schasching SJ-Award and to Daniel Wehinger on the Richard Schaeffler Preis 2018!

Congratulations to our PhD Student Mag. Christian Feldbacher-Escamilla on the Best Poster Award at GAP10, the tenth international conference of the German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP) in Cologne!

Upcoming events

24.10.2018: Guest lecture by Christian Damböck (Universität Wien), Carnaps nonkognitivistische Auffassung von Werturteilen, 18.00 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum VI (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

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14.11.2018: Guest lecture by Åke Wahlberg (PTH St. Georgen, Frankfurt), (Inter-)Religiöser Dissens und Bedeutungstheorie – Anregungen von Donald Davidson, 18.00 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum VI (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

28.11.2018: Guest lecture by Stefan Hofmann SJ (Universität Tübingen), Konsequentialistische Gründe und Akteur-Relativität, 18.00 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum VI (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

4.12.2018: Austro-Canadian Roboethics Workshop Mensch - Roboter - Beziehungen, 14.00 - 20.00,
Claudiana, Claudiasaal, Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 3. Program.

12.12.2018: Guest lecture by Robert Deinhammer SJ (Innsbruck), Heute noch Naturrecht? Zur Idee einer kritischen Naturrechtsethik, 18.00 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum VI (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

09.01.2019: Guest lecture by Petr Dvořák (Tschechische Akademie der Wiss., Prag / Palacky-Universität, Olmütz), Is there Ontic Vagueness?, 18.00 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum VI (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

30.01.2019: Aquinas Lecture 2019: Patrick Riordan SJ (Universität Oxford), The Priority of Being Good, 10.00 s. t., Hörsaal I (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

Folder: Guest lectures as part of the research seminar WS 18/19

8. 5. 2019: Guest lecture on the new publication "Form, Matter, Substance" by Kathrin Koslicki (Oxford Univesity Press 2018), 18.00 Uhr s.t., Seminarraum VI (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3).

9. 5. 2019: Workshop on the new publication "Form, Matter, Substance" by Kathrin Koslicki (Oxford University Press 2018), ab 9:00, Dekanatssitzungssaal (Karl-Rahner-Platz 1).

Previous events

Recent publications

Neuer Artikel: Georg Gasser, Normative Objectivity Without Ontological Commitments? In: Topoi 37(4), 561-570. DOI: 10.1007/s11245-016-9448-2.

New article: Simon Kittle, Does Everyone Think the Ability to do Otherwise is Necessary for Free Will and Moral Responsibility?  Philosophia, pp. 1–7.  DOI: 10.1007/s11406-018-0044-0.

New article: Federica Malfatti, On the epistemological potential of Worrall’s structural realism. In: Philosophical Inquiries, 2018, 2.  DOI:


New article: Simon Kittle, Heavenly freedom, derivative freedom, and the value of free choices. Religious Studies. First view. (doi: 10.1017/S0034412518000689).

New article: Katherine Dormandy, Disagreement from the Religions Margins, in Res Philosophica Juli 2018, DOI: 10.11612/resphil.1686. Runner-up Res Philosophica Essay Prize 2017: New Frontiers in Philosophy of Religion.

New article: Christian Kanzian, „Bottom-up“ versus „top-down“. In: Ontology of Theistic Beliefs. Ed. by Miroslaw Szatkowski. Philosophical Analysis. Berlin / Boston: De Gruyter 2018, S. 63 - 76.

New article: Klaus Viertbauer, Ist Religion Opak? Zu einer missverständlichen Formulierung von Jürgen Habermas, in: Cahiers d'Études Germaniques 74 (2018), 37-48.

New article: Simon Kittle, When is an alternative possibility robust? In: European Journal of Philosophy 2018. Early view. (doi: 10.1111/ejop.12369).

New book: Marco Benasso, Evolution und Leid als Herausforderung für den Glauben. Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler. 

New book: Klaus Viertbauer, Präreflexives Selbstbewusstsein im Diskurs. Freiburg/Br.: Karl Alber.

New article: Klaus Viertbauer, „Befinden wir uns auf dem Weg zu einer säkularen Spiritualität? Eine Einordnung der jüngsten Vorschläge von Ronald Dworkin und Thomas Metzinger“, in: Theologie und Philosophie 93 (2018) 241-256.

New article: Simon Kittle, Some Problems of Heavenly Freedom. In: TheoLogica 2/2 (doi: 10.14428/thl.v2i2.2273).

New article: Katherine Dormandy, Evidence-Seeking as an Expression of Faith. In: American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly online first, published on May 15, 2018, DOI: 10.5840/acpq2018514154.

New article: Christian Kanzian, Temporal Relations as Epiphenomena. In: Miroslaw Szatkowski (Hg.): God, Time, Infinity. Berlin u.a.: De Gruyter (= Philosophische Analyse / Philosophical Analysis, 75), S. 39 - 51.

New article: Claudia Paganini, When Animals Suffer. A Philosophical Challenge. In: Vonach Andreas (Hg.): Ecological challenges: philosophical, theological and spiritual perspectives. Innsbruck: university press 2018, S. 113-118. 

New article: Winfried Löffler, "Multiple Religious Belonging: A Logico-Philosophical Approach", in: C. de Florio / A. Giordani (eds.), From Arithmetic to Metaphysics. A Path through Philosophical Logic. Berlin / Boston: De Gruyter 2018, 241-260. 

New book: Georg Gasser, Ludwig Jaskolla, Thomas Schärtl (ed.): Handbuch der analytischen Theologie. Münster: Aschendorff Verlag.

New article: Georg Gasser, Agent-causation and Its Place in Nature, in: C. de Florio / A. Giordani (eds.), From Arithmetic to Metaphysics. A Path through Philosophical Logic. Berlin / Boston: De Gruyter 2018, 159-178.

New article: Edmund Runggaldier, The Wittgensteinian and the ontological (3-dimensional) reaction to the naturalistic challenge, in: C. de Florio / A. Giordani (eds.), From Arithmetic to Metaphysics. A Path through Philosophical Logic. Berlin / Boston: De Gruyter 2018, 331-340.

New article: Katherine Dormandy, Resolving Religious Disagreements: Evidence and Bias. In: Faith and Philosophy, DOI: 10.5840/faithphil201812697.


Now online:

Claudia Paganini discusses her presentation "Whatsapp to God. Social Media as a pastoral space" at the pastoral care conference in Brixen at the Digital Television of South Tyrol and in Kathpress.

Claudia Paganini at the Science Slam on 6 March 2018 in Treibhaus Innsbruck: Warum christliche Philosophie?

Video of Aquinas Lecture 2018 and official inauguration of the Innsbruck Center for Philosophy of Religion (ICPR) on 31.01.2018 and Kathpress about this event.



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