Who We Are

Mitarbeiterinnen des Instituts

We are a team of philosophers doing research and teaching at the University of Innsbruck, enthusiastic to share their knowledge and their passion for Philosophy with their students.



Research Fellows

Emeritus Department Members

Visiting Fellows

  • Sylwia Wilczewska, Katholische Universität Lublin „Johannes Paul II” (2019)
  • Åke Wahlberg, PTH St. Georgen (2018-2019)
  • Kathrin Koslicki, University of Alberta, (2018-2019)
  • Marek Piwowarczyk, Katholische Universität Lublin „Johannes Paul II (2018)
  • Maria Ayelen Sanchez, Universidad Nacional del Sur (2016)
  • Nguyen Vu Hao, Vietnam National University (2015)

Guest Lecturers

Recent Former Research Fellows

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