Institutum Philosophicum Oenipontanum


The Institute of Christian Philosophy at the Theological Faculty, University of Innsbruck offers along with the state degrees of the Republic of Austria the ecclesiastical degrees of baccalaureate, licentiat and doctorate in philosophy.

This is an attractive option for students preparing for teaching positions at ecclesiastical faculties or other church institutions in their home countries.

The studies offered are equivalent to studies at a papal university.

Statute of the Institutum Philosophicum Oenipontanum.

Annual reports of the Institutum Philosophicum Oenipontanum (in German):

  Jahresbericht 2023 (pdf)

  Jahresbericht 2022 (pdf)

  Jahresbericht 2021 (pdf)

  Jahresbericht 2020 (pdf)

Jahresbericht 2019 (pdf)

Jahresbericht 2018 (pdf)

 Jahresbericht 2017 (pdf)

 Jahresbericht 2016 (pdf)

 Jahresbericht 2015 (pdf)

 Jahresbericht 2014 (pdf)

 Jahresbericht 2013 (pdf)

 100 Jahre Institutum Philosophicum Oenipontanum (pdf)

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Präses: Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Kanzian

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