Within the university, the department collaborates with Innsbruck Media Studies (IMS), an interfaculty forum embedded in the Organizations & Society research platform and the Cultural Encounters – Cultural Conflicts research area. There are also ties to the Mediality and Digital Spheres laboratory and two research centers, Digital Humanities and Spheres of Governance: Institutions and Agency, the Doctoral programme Organizing the Digital and the Ernst von Glasersfeld Archive

Furthermore, there are numerous local collaborations, for example with Innsbruck University Innovations (IUI), “Junge Uni“ (an academic initiative targeting children and young people), the IT Center (Department of Digital Media and Educational Technologies), the media center of the Province of Tyrol, and the Tyrolean Education Service (TiBS).

Externally, the department cooperates with the Austria Press Agency (especially its affiliate, MediaWatch), Moser Holding AG, Osservatorio di Pavia, London Mobile Learning Group, the “Media, technology and lifelong learning” research group (Høgskolen, Lillehammer), Vienna Media Education, the MediaMatters! project at Europe-University of Flensburg, and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

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