Elective study packages

Media & Communication and Media Practice

Starting in the winter semester 2020/21, the Department of Media, Society and Communication offers two new elective study packages:

1. For students in a bachelor program: Media & Communication (30 ECTS)
For students in a master program: Media Practice (30 ECTS)


If more than 30 students register for the respective courses, the following admission criteria apply:

1. Preferential access is given to those who complete all modules of the elective package in one semester (6 courses), followed by those who complete 5 of them, etc. – in descending order.

2. If the conditions of 1) are equal, preference is given to those who have acquired a higher number of ECTS credits in their studies.

3. In all other cases, the decision is made by drawing lots.

Further information about the respective courses can be found in the current course catalog. In addition, the University of Innsbruck provides an overview and summary of the elective packages with further details (available only in German)

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