The Department of Media, Society and Communication does not provide exchange programmes.


Exchange Programs: Student Mobility


Application Requirements

There is no minimum number of ECTS-Credits that you must have acquired in order to apply for Erasmus+, Joint Study, Aurora Exchange Programme, Erasmus+ International, or Secondos. Nevertheless, we would recommend that you use the second semester of your studies for a mobility and acquire those 30 ECTS abroad that our MA program requires in elective modules.

Please note that MA theses can only be written during a stay abroad if your supervisor at the University of Innsbruck consents.


Detailed information on the various programs can be found on the website of the International Relations Office by clicking on the respective mobility program: Erasmus+, Joint Study, Aurora Exchange Programme, Erasmus+ International, and Secondos.


Before applying for a stay abroad, it is advisable to contact the mobility officer (see contact below).


Please contact the mobility officer of our institute by e-mail if you have any questions or concerns:

For more information on the mobility programs, please contact theInternational Relations Office (IRO) of the University of Innsbruck. 


Mobility Programm


Applications must be submitted via LFU:online „My Mobilities“.

For mobilities in the Aurora network and the Erasmus+ program, application deadlines are usually the end of March and the end of August. Please note that a few institutions and programs have earlier deadlines. In the case of Joint Study, many partner universities only have one deadline per academic year.

Typically, the application consists of the following documents: curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, proof of your previous academic success and proof of your foreign language skills.

Please familiarize yourself with the funding landscape to determine whether / where (additional) financing of your planned stay abroad can be applied for, e.g. at Austrian Exchange Service or via Scholarships.

Partner universities

Currently, students of the MA Program Media, Society and Communication can apply for a spot at partner universities, with which the University of Innsbruck has university-wide agreements.

After the application

If your application for mobility in the Aurora network or the Erasmus+ programme is successful, you will receive further information by mid-April (for the winter semester or the entire year) or by mid-September (for the summer semester). Under certain circumstances, you may be invited to an interview by the mobility officer. This would take place before April 10th or September 10th, as nominations must be finalized by these dates.

Before you start your stay abroad, you will need to complete a few formalities, which the International Relations Office (IRO) will inform you about. Particularly important is the preparation of the course recognition in the Online Learning Agreement (OLA), for which an appointment with the mobility officer will be necessary.

Please note that only OLAs that have been approved by the Mobility Officer (see contact below) will be approved by the Associate Dean of Studies .

General Information About Exchange Programmes

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  General information about Erasmus+ (IRO) (only in German)

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