Dear Participants,

we are pleased to start Phase 2 of the 15th Internet Seminar and announce that the project market is open, see below. To download the short discricption of the project, please click on its title. The project titles and project descriptions can be dowloaded as PDF files as well.

Remember that in Phase 2 you will work on projects in groups of 3-4 participants (communication via internet). The prepared project is then to be presented in Phase 3, at the closing workshop, which will be held between 3-9 June at the Heinrich-Fabri Institute, in Blaubeuren, Germany. Hence participation in Phase 2 implies that you take part in the final workshop, about which you can find more details and updates here.

The registration fee is 200 EUR that is to be paid at the workshop. This fee covers accommodation and full boarding for 6 nights. In limited availability the registration fee may be waived for participants without other financial support. However, please be informed that we shall not be in the position to cover travel expenses.

For applying to the next phases of the ISEM we kindly ask you to provide us the following information per e-mail (

  1. Name at least three projects, in order of preference, that you would like to take part in.
  2. Please introduce yourself and describe your scientific interests in at most half a page (PDF).
  3. Indicate whether and how often you have participated in previous ISEM workshops.

The application period for the workshop will end on 19.03.2012.

Applications arriving after this deadline may possibly not be considered. The conference centre is suited for the accommodation of 50 students, therefore, it may happen that we will have to reject some applications. The selection procedure will be on basis of the information you provide with your application (items 1, 2 and 3).

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,


Project assignment:      wiki page   and   ISEM15_Projects+Names.pdf


  • Project Maroon:
Approximation results in probability theory and quantum physics
Markus Haase (Delft)
  • Project Chocolate:
The stability and convergence results of Brenner and Thomée
Robert Haller-Dintelman (Darmstadt)
  • Project Coral:
Exponential quadrature
Marlis Hochbruck (Karlsruhe)
  • Project Orange:
Nonautonomous equations and evolution families
Birgit Jacob, Sven-Ake Wegner (Wuppertal)
  • Project Red:
The semigroup approach to stochastic partial differential equations driven by noise
Stig Larsson (Chalmers, Gothenburg)
  • Project Pink:
Runge-Kutta discretizations of parabolic problems
Christian Lubich (Tübingen)
  • Project Orchid:
Rational approximations of semigroups without scaling and squaring
Frank Neubrander (Baton Rouge), Koray Ozer (Bristol)
  • Project Purple:
Geometric theory of semilinear problems
Alexander Ostermann (Innsbruck)
  • Project Blue:
Some positivity preserving schemes for semilinear problems
Abdelaziz Rhandi (Salerno, Marrakesh)
  • Project Skyblue:
Inhomogeneous and semilinear evolution equations
Roland Schnaubelt (Karlsruhe)
  • Project Aqua:
Exponential splitting methods with boundary conditions
Katharina Schratz (Innsbruck, Rennes)
  • Project Lime:
Perturbation theory of C0-semigroups (the Miyadera theorem)
Jürgen Voigt (Dresden)
  • Project Green:
Crank-Nicolson scheme for bounded semigroups
Hans Zwart (Enschede)
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