Final workshop

Date: 3-9 June 2012

Place: Heinrich Fabri Institut, Blaubeuren (Germany)

Phase 3 consists of the final one-week workshop. There the teams will present their projects and additional lectures will be delivered by leading experts:

  • Wolfgang Arendt (Ulm)
  • Marlis Hochbruck (Karlsruhe)
  • Stig Larsson (Chalmers, Gothenburg)
  • Christian Lubich (Tübingen)


Schedule of the workshop.
Booklet of the workshop (including the list of 
participants and the abstracts of the talks).
Here is a map to find your way from the 
railway station (A) to the location of the workshop (B). 
Address: Heinrich Fabri Institute, Auf der Rucken 35,
The walk lasts approximately 20 minutes.
The quiz presented and solved at the conference dinner.


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