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The First Innsbruck Modelling Week in Applied Mathematics is organized by the Department of Mathematics and the Unit of Engineering Mathematics, University of Innsbruck.

It takes place at the University of Innsbruck, Campus Technik, from July 5 (arrival day) to July 11 (departure day) 2015.

Modelling weeks are an internationally recognized method of technology and knowledge transfer between universities, economy and industry. In a five-days workshop, mathematicians from universities work together with experts from economy and industry on real-world problems.

This year, six companies will present mathematical problems the solutions of which are required. The problems cover a representative range of industrial mathematics.

The format of the workshop is the following:

  • The problems are presented on the first day (July 6) by a company representative; after that groups of about five students are formed according to individual interests; the groups will work on their problems under the supervision of one or two senior mathematicians. The results will be presented on the last day (July 10). Each group is supposed to prepare a written report for the company shortly after the event. Continuation of collaboration is encouraged.
  • We envisage the participation of students in mathematics in a Master's or a PhD program. Students will benefit by getting acquainted with real life applications of mathematics; companies should benefit from the proposed solutions as well as contacts for future collaboration.
  • The organizers will provide accommodation from Monday to Friday for all participants. A registration fee of 70,- Euro is solicited. To register, please follow the link. For further information, please consult one of the organizers.
  • We invite applications from mathematics students internationally. A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the event.

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