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Publications - Martin Berger  

Publications (sorted by relevance)

  • Classifying Linear Matrix Inequalities via Abstract Operator Systems (2023); with T. Drescher and T. Netzer; submitted. (arXiv)
  • Abstract Operator Systems over the Cone of Positive Semidefinite Matrices (2021); with T. Netzer; to appear in Journal of Operator Theory. (arXiv)
  • Cluster-Based Autoencoders for Volumetric Point Clouds (2022); with S. Antholzer and T. Hell; submitted. (arXiv)
  • Effect of Tranexamic Acid on Coagulation and Fibrin Clot Properties in Children Undergoing Craniofacial Surgery (2020); with C. Fenger-Eriksen, T. Hell, et al.; Thrombosis and Haemostasis. (DOI) (Web Link)
  • Hybrid Immediacy: Designing with Artificial Neural Networks Through Physical Concept Modelling (2022); with M.Bank, et al.; Design Modelling Symposium Berlin. (Web Link)


  • Algebraic Geometry in Austria 2020. Title: Foundations of Free Algebraic Statistics.
  • Invited colloquium speaker at the University of Tromsø in the series Machine Learning and AI. Title: Analyzing Fibrin Networks using Topological Data Analysis.
  • Short talk at Advances in Applied Algebraic Geometry at the University of Bristol.


  • Poster at the conference Arctic Applied Algebra at the University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway. Title: Analyzing Fibrin Networks using Topological Data Analysis.

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