FLoC Olympic Games: Three Medals for Software Tools developed by the CL Research Group

The Computational Logic (CL) research group won three medals in different disciplines at this year's FLoC Olympic Games in Haifa, Israel:
  • A gold medal in the combined SRS/TRS category of the Confluence Competition (CoCo) 2022 for CSI.
  • A gold medal in the certification category of the Confluence Competition (CoCo) 2022 for FORTify. FORTify is the outcome of a recently finished FWF project (FORTissimo).
  • A bronze medal in the overall category of the Termination Competition (TermCOMP) 2022 for the tools TTT2 / TCT.

The FLoC Olympic Games are held every four years as part of the Federated Logic Conference. The games gather together challenging disciplines from a variety of computational logic in the form of the solver competitions. 

The Federated Logic Conference brings together several leading international conferences related to mathematical logic and computer science. FLoC 2022 includes 12 conferences and over 60 workshops on topics of software/hardware verification and logic for computer science.

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