• New publication on the reproducability of scientific results
    Replications of 21 high-profile social science findings demonstrate challenges for reproducibility and suggest solutions to improve research credibility. Eight of the 21 studies failed to find significant evidence for the original finding, and the replication effect sizes were about 50% smaller than the original studies.
  • New publication! "Estimating Inflation Risk Premia Using Inflation-linked Bonds: A Review"
    The new paper by Alexander Kupfer provides an overview of studies that estimate the inflation risk premium using inflation‐linked bond (ILB) yields. He categorizes existing studies, outlines their research designs and compares their estimates for the inflation risk premium.
  • Announcement of the Acatis Value Price
    Acatis Investment Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH will award the ACATIS VALUE-PRIZE for the best scientific papers on the topic of “Value Investing” for the 16th time. Submissions should focus on the success of investment strategies that build on fundamental valuation criteria (value-oriented strategies).
  • Joboffer "University Assistant"
    We currently offer a position as university assistant in the area of risk management in banks and empirical financial markets research! Those interested can apply until February 28, 2018.
  • Ethnical discrimination in Europe - Field evidence from the finance industry
    We are happy to announce that a new paper by Matthias Stefan, Felix Holzmeister, Alexander Müllauer and Michael Kirchler has been published in PLOS ONE.
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