• New publication in "The Economic Journal"
    We are happy to announce that the paper "Market versus Residence: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of a Financial Transaction Tax" by Jürgen Huber, Michael Kirchler, Daniel Kleinlercher and Matthias Sutter has been published in The Economic Journal.
  • New publication in the Journal of Finance
    We are happy to announce that the paper "Rankings and Risk-Taking in the Finance Industry" (by Michael Kirchler, Florian Lindner, and Utz Weitzel) has been accepted for publication in the No. 1 Journal in Finance, the Journal of Finance.
  • Plea for lower p-values
    In a recently published article in "Nature Human Behavior" Michael Kirchler advocates along with more than 70 co-authors "to change the default P-value threshold for statistical significance from 0.05 to 0.005 for claims of new discoveries".
  • On the ban of insider trading
    Banning insider trading doesn't improve the fairness at stock exchanges. This is the result of an experiment by Thomas Stöckl and Stefan Palan. On the contrary: If insider trade takes place, even those traders benefit who were not informed ex ante.
  • Predictability of stock market returns
    Does the performance of stock market return predictions increase, when information about the current valuation levels of national stock markets compared to their own history is combined with information about current valuation differences between different stock markets?
  • The rise and fall of the German SME bond market
    The rise and fall of the German SME bond market received widespread media coverage. However, so far it received only limited attention in research. In their latest article Jochen Lawrenz and Patrick Feihle shed more light on the market failure.
  • Research in the media
    The recent paper "Immaterial and monetary gifts in economic transactions. Evidence from the field" by Michael Kirchler and Stefan Palan is receiving widespread media attention.
  • Graf Chotek Prize for Parampret Binder
    Parampreet Bindra was awarded this year's Graf Chotekt Prize of the Tiroler Sparkasse! The graduate of our master's program received the prize for his master's thesis, in which he experimentally investigated the influence of money in the form of income on the formation of capital market bubbles. The work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Michael Kirchler. Congratulations!
  • CFA Research Challenge 2017
    A team of the University of Innsbruck has again succesfully participated at the CFA Research Challenge in Vienna. In a tight race the team achieved a great second place!
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