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Publications 2018


Textbook, Scientific
  • Auer, Kurt (2018): Buchhaltung + Jahresabschluss. Erstellen – Verstehen – Analysieren. Götzens: Dr. Auer & Partner Consulting. ISBN 978-3-9502505-3-4. 10. (Web link)

Book, Transfer-Oriented
  • Auer, Kurt (2018): Kennzahlen von A-Z: für Geschäftsführer - Controller - Steuerberater - Banken. Götzens: Dr. Auer & Partner Consulting. ISBN 978-3-9502505-5-8. 2. (Web link)

Contributions to Books / Journals

Journal Article (Original Paper)
  • Blanco, Esther; Haller, Tobias; Walker, James M. (efirst): Provision of Environmental Public Goods: Unconditional and Conditional Donations from Outsiders.

  • Camerer, Colin F; Dreber, Anna; Holzmeister, Felix; Ho, Teck-Hua; Huber, Jürgen; Johannesson, Magnus; Kirchler, Michael; Nave, Gideon; Nosek, Brian; Pfeiffer, Thomas; Altmejd, Adam; Buttrick, Nick; Chan, Taizan; Chen, Yan; Forsell, Eskil; Gampa, Anup; Heikenstein, Emma; Hummer, Lily; Taisuke, Imai; Isaksson, Siri; Manfredi, Dylan; Rose, Julia; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan; Wu, Hang (forthcoming): Evaluating the replicability of social science experiments.
    In: Nature Human Behaviour.

  • Hauser, Florian; Schredelseker, Klaus (2018): Who benefits from insider regulation?
    In: Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 68, pp. 203 - 210. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Huber, Juergen; Shubik, Martin; Sunder Shyam (2018): Financing of public goods through taxation in a general equilibrium economy: Experimental evidence.
    In: Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 148, pp. 171 - 188. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Kirchler, Michael; Lindner, Florian; Weitzel, Utz (online first): Rankings and risk-taking in the finance industry.
    In: Journal of Finance. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Kirchler, Michael; Palan, Stefan (2018): Immaterial and monetary gifts in economic transactions: evidence from the field.
    In: Experimental Economics 21/1, pp. 205 - 230. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Kleinlercher, Daniel; Stöckl, Thomas (2018): On the provision of incentives in finance experiments.
    In: Experimental Economics 21/1, pp. 154 - 179. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Lawrenz, Jochen; Oberndorfer, Julia (2018): Firm size effects in trade credit supply and demand.
    In: Journal of Banking and Finance 93, pp. 1 - 20. (DOI)

  • Lawrenz, Jochen; Zorn, Josef (efirst): Decomposing the Predictive Power of Local and Global Financial Valuation Ratios.
    In: Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. (DOI)

  • Palan, Stefan; Schitter, Christian (2018): - A subject pool for online experiments.
    In: Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 17, pp. 22 - 27. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Stefan, Matthias; Holzmeister, Felix; Müllauer, Alexander; Kirchler, Michael (2018): Ethnical discrimination in Europe: Field evidence from the finance industry.
    In: PLoS One 13/1, No. e0191959. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Stöckl, Thomas; Palan, Stefan (2018): Catch me if you can. Can human observers identify insiders in asset markets?
    In: Journal of Economic Psychology 67, pp. 1 - 17. (DOI) (Web link)

  • Weitzel, Utz; Huber, Christoph; Lindner, Florian; Huber, Jürgen; Rose, Julia; Kirchler, Michael (2018): Bubbles and financial professionals.
    In: Working Papers in Economics and Statistics - University of Innsbruck, p. 2018-04. (Web link)

Journal Article (Review)
  • Kupfer, Alexander (efirst): Estimating inflation risk premia using inflation-linked bonds: a review.

Media Contributions

Article in Popular Magazine
  • Huber, Juergen: Durchgeschlüpft.
    In: eco.nova of 2018-01-01. (Web link)

Newspaper Article
  • Bank, Matthias: Bleibt von den Banken nur die IT (Interview).
    In: Trend of 2018-05-01. (Web link)

  • Huber, Juergen: Keiner sollte viel Geld investieren.
    In: Kronen Zeitung of 2018-02-09.

Contribution to Radio Programme
  • Huber, Juergen: Ö1 Interview ABC der Finanzwelt: "Z wie Zertifikate".
    In: Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) of 2018-04-26. (Web link)

  • Huber, Juergen: Ö1 Interview ABC der Finanzwelt: "V wie Verbriefung".
    In: Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) of 2018-04-23. (Web link)

  • Huber, Juergen: Ö1 Radiointerview: "Zertifikate und Verbriefungen".
    In: Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) of 2018-04-12.