Allocation and Supervision of Thesis

We are very pleased that you are interested in writing your thesis at our department! In general, we have the following requirements:

  • A pre-requisite to write your thesis at our department is the participation in one of the "SBWL-Grundlagenkurse" (i.e., bank- or financial management). Students enrolled in the diploma program "international economics", who completed an equivalent course abroad,  are also eligible to write their thesis with us.
  • Theses can be started throughout the year. When contacting your potential supervisor, please submit a a short research proposal with a rough outline as well as a current transcript of your academic records. 
  • Moreover, we offer a seminar, where students have to present their work.


Thesis Guideline (in German) 

Application for a Thesis (in German)  


Further forms for your studies can be found on the corresponding pages of the study department (see sections forms and recognition).


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