Monitoring Ru27

Project leader: Universität Innsbruck

Project leader: Fabian Ochs

Project Team: Elisa Venturi, Samuel Breuss, Georgios Dermentzis, Mara Magni


  • University of Innsbruck (Project Leader)
  • NHT Neue Hemat Tirol
  • Stransky

Project Period: 15.10.2023 - 15.10.2024


Within this research project, a return flow heat pump system for the preparation of domestic hot water will be monitored and this measurements will be used to assess the performance of such a system. The demo building is located in Innsbruck (AT) and is equipped with a large PV generation system.

Detailed measurements of PV generation, total building grid consumption, consumption in common areas and electricity consumption of individual flats and heat pumps will allow a detailed assessment of the operation of the return heat pump and determine whether the current configuration and control of the domestic hot water preparation maximises efficiency and increases self-consumption of the electrical energy generated by the PV systems.

While, measurements of the water flow rates and temperatures on the primary and secondary sides of the heat pump will allow to evaluate its efficiency under real operating conditions.

The results of the monitoring campaign will be compared with laboratory measurements already carried out at the University of Innsbruck - department for energy efficient buildings.


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