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Unit of Energy Efficient Building

Active und passive solar energy

The 20th Century has given us a tempestuous growth of built environment, allowing more people, and also more comfortable live and more prosperity on the planet than ever before. The rapid industrial use of the easily available and cheap fossil fuels coal, oil and gas made this growth possible. At the same time however, it caused a situation of growing interdependence, increasing cost burden and irreversible damage to the terrestrial ecosystem.

Energy efficient hot water supply


Reluctantly we want to abstain from acquired prosperity – nor is it possible to mantain the course refusing the vast majority on this planet from a permanent access to prosperity and comfort.

houseBegleitung von Sanierungsprojekten
Entwicklung und Vermessung innovativer Komponenten


Consistent research and development in the field of building physics, heating ventilation and air conditioning as well on renewable energy use have shown that it is possible to minimize the energy demand down to a fraction of usually less than one-tenth, but also ways to less than a half, through intelligent building according to the the well-understood laws of physics.


Energy efficient buildings


Practically realized examples where Vorarlberg and Tyrol are among world leaders, show that  good comfort and low energy consumption are not contradicting. A thoughtful application of the findings of the building physics makes this possible, properly applied, both energy consumption as well as the value of the building increases, the comfort is improved and a major contribution to environmental protection is assured.


Energy efficient heating

The unit of Energy Efficient Buildings at the University of Innsbruck sees its main task in supporting the sustainable renewal process, both through the training of competent engineers and architects, as well as through research and development for the benefit of human health, sustainable development and the protection of the environment.


Energy efficient building technologies, air condition, heat recovery


We are focusing all details to optimize as well as the complex interaction in the system on the whole, aiming to find the best solutions out of the manifold possibilities.

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