carnotUIBK Toolbox for MATLAB Simulink


carnotUIBK for MATLAB Simulink is a tool for dynamic building simulation.

It's a tool based on the MATLAB object oriented language and Simulink. A GUI for a comfortable handle of the input data and the results is available. Import of different kind of data formats is supported for gbXML (B.I.M.), Excel and PHPP. Export options are available. A Toolbox for Simulink is provided with the calculation models. One of the features of the new model is that it is tailored for Hardware in the Loop applications.


A large number of functionalities are implemented. Some of them are listed below:

  • Modern Graphical User Interface
  • Modern object oriented programming with the opportunity to use all methods directly (e.g. for batch simulation or parametric simulation studies).
  • Data management of input data und results
  • Creation of variants to simulate different variants
  • Data import from gbXML, Excel and PHPP
  • 1*- and 2*-node models for the zone calculation
  • R-C and hygrothermal model for the opaque structures
  • Standardized post-processing with pre-built functions with the possibility to extend without limitations
  • Simulink library with all blocks and a basic HVAC library
  • Templates for the Simulink model
  • Examples for all functionalities.



Click HERE (GitHub Repository) to download the most recent version of carnotUIBK. At least MATLAB R2018b and a Simulink licence are required!

Additionally the CARNOT Toolbox is necessary. You can download it HERE (external website). Please use the Version 6.0, because later versions have a bug in the RC-model.

With the download of the software you accept the limitations to use the programm according to the README. The authors are not responsible for any kind of damage caused by using the software. A support platform can not be provided, but the authors are thankful about reporting bugs at the GitHub platform (

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