Logo BartenbachDALEC - Day- and Artificial Light with Energy Calculation

Project leader: Zumtobel

Project leader University of Innsbruck: Rainer PflugerLogo Zumtobel

Project members: Matthias Werner

 Project partners

  • Bartenbach GmbH
  • Zumtobel Lighting

Funding Agency: FFG

Project Period: 01.07.2016 - 31.12.2017

The free web tool DALEC (www.dalec.net) allows combined thermal and lighting simulations of facades.
It is developed in the “K-Licht” research project “P01-Integrated Day- and Artificial Light” by Bartenbach Lighting Design , Zumtobel Lighting and University of Innsbruck.

The tool can be used online at http://www.dalec.org.

The free web tool DALEC allows combined thermal and lighting simulations of facades. The performance of several façade configurations can be tried out in a very early design phase and their influence on the energy demand can be shown. Also occupants and control strategies can be considered. E.g. the façade will be closed if a case of glare is detected. This has an influence on the daylight input and thus on the artificial light demand, which is an internal gain for the thermal simulation too.

DALEC Raumkonfiguration

DALEC – Input of the room configuration

Solar heat gains are reduced by the shading system and thus the whole dynamic of the different façade situations can be shown. With the help of DALEC tool, it is possible to calculate different façade systems, for example typical shading systems, daylight redirection systems or screens. The results are presented in yearly, monthly and hourly energy demand for cooling, heating and artificial light. Moreover, the continuous daylight autonomy is determined and the overheating frequency is calculated if there is no active cooling system installed.

DALEC Energiebedarf

DALEC – Output of energy demand


The development has been supported by the Austrian K-Project „K-Licht“, which is funded by the COMET - Competence Centers for Excellent Technologies of BMVIT, BMWFJ and the Austrian states Vorarlberg, Tyrol und Burgenland.

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