Training as a Certified Passive House Planner

The following courses cover all contents for the examination to the certified passive house planner:

In the winter term:

  • 846174 VU2 Building technology
  • 846176 SE2 Dimensioning of energy-efficient buildings
  • 846179 VU2 Energy-focused building renovation
  • 846181 VU2 Energy-efficient buildings

In the summer term:

  • 846180 VU2 Building and plant simulation
  • 846183 VU2 Energy-efficient ventilation technology

Examination dates for obtaining the certificate "certified passive house planner" as well as details and registration for the exam can be found here:

The teaching objectives catalog for the "certified passive house planner" certificate can be found here: Catalog of teaching objectives for the certified passive house planner (PDF)

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