IEA EBC Annex 86: Energy Efficient Indoor Air Quality Management in Residential Buildings

Project leader: Gabriel Rojas

Project team: Gabriel Rojas, Sascha Hammes, Andreas Frei

Projekt partner: 

  • IBO Innenraumanalytik

Funding program: IEA Forschungskooperation

Project period: November 2022 – Dezember 2025

Total funding budget: € 179.470

Project websites:


The Goal of IEA EBC Annex 86 is to accelerate the development of better and more energy-efficient indoor air quality management strategies. These are coordinated measures to improve IAQ, with a nonexclusive focus on ventilation measures. For this purpose, a comprehensive health-based assessment method for indoor air quality will be developed (Subtask 1), a database for quantification of pollutant emissions and data-based modelling of their sources will be created (Subtask 2), smart materials (Subtask 3) and smart ventilation concepts (Subtask 4) will be (further) developed, and the potential of cloud and IoT-based technologies will be explored (Subtask 5).

As part of the Austrian participation, relevant indoor air quality measurement studies from existing projects will be analysed contributing to the planned international data repository. Furthermore, innovative ventilation control strategies will be (further) developed, evaluated and experimentally tested.


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