HEBA - High level rEnewabBle and energy efficiency mAster courses

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Project Leader University Innsbruck: Wolfgang Streicher

Project Members: Martin Hauer, Katrin Sodja

 Project partners

Founding organization: EU Erasmus+, Higher Education - International Capacity Building

Project duration: 15.10.2017 - 14.10.2020


The project aims to ensure that the universities in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan can offer a high quality education compatible with European standards and meets the market needs of the emerging knowledge-based society by strengthening environmental teaching.

The main objective of HEBA is to reform and improve existing master programs as well as set up new master curricula in energy efficiency (EE), renewable energies (RE) on single technologies and energy systems level, improving existing or stablishing Centers of “EE +RE” Technologies in the MENA countries that are cooperating with each other. The centers will train postgraduate (PG) and undergraduate (UG) students on ‘EE + RE’ methodologies and technologies for the different final users (in industries, residential buildings, transport) and will contribute to guidelines for best practice for the efficient use of energy and renewable energies in a joint collaboration between EU and MENA universities. The former will transfer EU best practices, experiences and methodologies according to the Bologna process to support the development and diffusion of an innovative experience in technical higher education in MENA institutions supporting the capacity and knowledge building in ‘EE + RE’ Technologies. The realization of ‘EE+RE’ center will follow a scenario assessment taking into account of MENA institutions sector needs and requirements, and EU best practices developed.

The centers will act as a connection hub between courses /curricula and the research/training. Laboratory courses, bachelor/master thesis as well as PhDs will be offered by the centers to the students.

HEBA Objectives

  • To increase the local competences on “EE+RE” and Rational Use of Energy;
  • To develop/reform curriculum programs in “EE+RE” systems;
  • To promote the dialogue between EU and higher education institutions in MENA Countries in order to facilitate the reciprocal recognition of competences and credits, informing on EU Univ system: Bologna Process, Quality Evaluation and Internationalization;
  • To establish/improve centers/laboratories of “EE+RE” Technologies in every MENA partner country; These centers will collaborate with each other


14. bis 15. February: Kick Off Meeting, Jordan

Publications (University Innsbruck)

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