Diploma theses/MA theses
2001 to 2010

(this list is not exhaustive)


Bargetz, Susanne. Cultural identity in advertising, 2010. (Klarer)

Bregenzer, Denise. Washington, D.C. - the murder capital: crime pattern and crime prevention in the nation's capital and a didactic approach to the topic, 2010. (Grabher)

Hölzl, Kathrin. Absent parents and troubled children. Family structures and relationships in John Irving's novels A Widow for One Year, The Forth Hand, Until I Find you. With a classroom adaption of the topic, 2010. (Grabher)

Klotz, Petra. Suffering as a theme in Alice Walker's short stories "To hell with dying," "Strong horse tea," and "Everyday use", 2010. (Grabher)

Knitel, Miriam. Intertextuality in Emir Kusturica's movies, 2010. (Klarer)
Konrad, Eva. Out of the attic: women and madness in American literature, 2010. (Grabher)
Lesky, Carina. Flesh, stone and celluloid: an exploration of urban skins, 2010. (Klarer)

Maurer, Michael. Coming attractions of mayhem: what posters and trailers (don't) try to tell us about violence in American movies, 2010. (Klarer)

Mayer, Thomas. The criminal as victim - Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood": psychological, sociological and legal approaches, 2010. (Grabher)

Schermann, Johannes. Framing the work of Winsor McCay, 2010. (Klarer)

Schneider, Oksana. The changing image of the African American family in "A raisin in the sun" by Lorraine Hansberry and "Roots" by Alex Haley, 2010. (Grabher)

Sorarui, Cristina. Ethnic perspective on making Sense of suffering in Alice Walker's "To Hell with Dying", Bharati Mukherjee's "The Management of Grief", and Sandra Cisneros' "Woman Hollering Creek", 2010. (Grabher)

Vuckovic, Snezana. Cross-cultural communication: comparison of advertisements from Austria, Serbia and the United States of America based on Hofstede's cultural dimensions, 2010. (Klarer)

Wieser, Kathrin-Stephanie. Navigating adolescence in selected American short stories and its didactic application in TESL, 2010. (Grabher)


Aufschnaiter, Maria. The search for meaning in life outside consumer society in Henry David Thoreau's "Walden", Douglas Coupland's "Generation X", and Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild", 2009. (Grabher)

Burger, Karin. Representations of motherhood in American women's plays: Marsha Norman's "night, Mother", Beth Henley's "Crimes of the Heart", Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun", and Megan Terry's "Calm Down, Mother" ; (with a didactic application of the topic), 2009. (Grabher)

Fender, Adelheid. "I lived for beauty": Estée Lauder and her horizons of female beauty, 2009. (Grabher)

Grüner, Patrick. The search for the father: father absence and the son's quest for identity as depicted in selected works of twentieth-century American literature, 2009. (Grabher)

Jung, Sigrid. Leslie Marmon Silko: native American nature writing in the southwest and its didactic realization, 2009. (Heller)

Laner, Barbara. Towards a cannibalistic aesthetic: the cannibal act as a meta-filmic reflection, 2009. (Klarer)

Mahlknecht, Johannes. The frame as part of the picture? Diegetic and extradiegetic aspects of opening and closing titles in early and comtemporary narrative cinema, 2009. (Klarer)

Oberforcher, Doris. The myth of the American west in Ken Kesey's works: One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, Sometimes a Great Notion and Last Go Round, 2009. (Heller)

Schaller, Karin. James Baldwin's interior and exterior journeys in selected works, 2009. (Grabher)

Stecher, Katrin. Making sense of death: American poetry on the tsunami December 26, 2004 (and an application to the English class in high school), 2009. (Grabher)

Wurm, Johanna. The influence of the Bible on African American writings, 2009. (Grabher)


Burger, Christina. The quest for eternal youth and beauty in American literature and film including a text-book unit entitled 'Forever Young', 2008. (Heller)

Erlacher, Andrea. Teaching the concept of emigration and immigration through a teaching unit on Eva Hoffman's autobiography "Lost in Translation" and Bharati Mukherjee's short stories "The management of grief" and "Nostalgia", 2008. (Klarer)

Grupcheva, Marina. The figure of the child in selected pieces of American literature, 2008. (Grabher)

Höfle, Angelika. The films of Mira Nair: the 21st century works of the director seen under a transnational lens, 2008. (Klarer)

Kager, Jutta. The function of myth in Rudolfo A. Anaya's trilogy Bless Me, Ultima, Heart of Aztlan, and Tortuga, 2008. (Grabher)

Monz, Birgit. Teaching intercultural competence in English foreign language learning, 2008. (Klarer)

Nagel, Christine. Criminal profiling: looking behind the mask of America's most cruel serial killers ; and a didactic approach to the topic, 2008. (Grabher)

Pettinger, Nina. First Nations in and around Vancouver: unter didaktischer Berücksichtigung des Schwerpunktes "Kanada" im Unterricht, 2008. (Grabher)

Pfattner, Elisabeth. One body, multiple logics: creating identity in contemporary native American fiction (Bone Game by Louis Owen [Owens] and Power by Linda Hogan), 2008. (Grabher)

Piffer, Valentina. Beat women writers: exploring through a feminist lens the iconoclastic behavior of Joyce Johnson, Diane di Prima and Hettie Jones, 2008. (Grabher)

Spindler, Robert. Recent westerns: deconstruction and nostalgia in centemporary western film, 2008. (Heller)

Stiebellehner, Julia. The framing, reception, and effect of traumatic cultural memory in Joy Kogawa's Obasan and Anne Michaels's Fugitive Pieces: Canadian fiction between autobiography and historiography in the light of the "Wilkomirski Affair"; a typological and didactic approach, 2008 (Klarer)

Wehinger, Monika. One nation under God: religion in American present-day politics with an approach to a classroom adaptation of the topic, 2008. (Grabher)


Bernardi, Sonja. Jewishness in Bernard Malamud's "The assistant", Philip Roth's "The counterlife" and Cynthia Ozick's "The cannibal galaxy", 2007. (Heller)

Brun, Astrid. Writers of the American midwest: How Willa Cather, Sinclair Lewis and Sherwood Anderson use landscape and weather in the books "My Antonia", "Main Street" and "Winesburg, Ohio" for character development, 2007. (Grabher)

Crazzolara, Monica. Borders in Chicana literature: Gloria Anzaldua and Sandra Cisneros, 2007. (Grabher)

Gerhartz, Sabine. African American protest between non-violence and violence, 2007. (Grabher)

Graber, Sarah. Hispanic culture in the southwest, 2007. (Grabher)

Günther, Johanna. Narratology in film noir: an examination of the structures of narrative and narration and their effects on the viewer, 2007. (Klarer)

Jerkovic, Andrea. Women in hip hop and R.&B. culture: self-abasement or emancipation? 2007. (Grabher)

Klecker, Cornelia. Skip and rewind: when time gets out of line in mainstream film, 2007. (Klarer)

Leisner, Andreas. The dawn of responsibility: the dreams of time and freedom in "Waking life" and "Einstein's dreams", 2007. (Grabher)

Madersbacher, Claudia. Female African American identity in the context of family and society in Maya Angelou's autobiographical works, 2007. (Grabher)

Matuella, Marion. Films about filmmaking: illusion and anti-illusion in meta-film exemplified by Tom DiCillo's "Living in Oblivion", 2007. (Klarer)

Prantl, Philipp. A quest for justice: the American jury system and its representation in American film and literature ; with a didactic approach to the topic, 2007. (Grabher)

Sagmeister, Martina Christine. The Church of latter-day saints: a way to a better life? dealing with this topic in the classroom, 2007. (Grabher)


Albrecht, Katharina. Chicana feminist spirituality as a source of resistance in Ana Castillo's "So far from god", 2006. (Grabher)

Bader, Katrin. Such stuff as "poems & dreams" are made on: the concept of the dream in the poetry of E. E. Cummings, 2006. (Grabher)

Delucca, Martin Alexander. Native sons or invisible men? the Afro-American search for identity in 20th-century America as portrayed in Richard Wright's "Native Son" and Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man", 2006. (Grabher)

Donà, Miriam. As long as I function they are powerless: women and madness in Margaret Gibson's short stories, 2006. (Grabher)

Kircher, Barbara. The notion of home in Three Asian American Novels and its didactic application in TESL: Maxine Hong Kingston's "The Woman Warrior, Bharati Mukherjee's "Jasmine", and John Okada's "No-No Boy", 2006 (Grabher)

Kraler Bergmann, Doris. Sylvia Plath's lyrical responses to works of art: a portrait of the artist(s) as mirrored in her ekphrastic poetry, 2006. (Grabher)

Marrollo, Luca. From sport to myth: baseball and football in American life and culture, 2006. (Arno Heller)

Martinelli, Evelyn. American dream or American nightmare? The corruption of the American dream in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The great Gatsby", Arthur Miller's "Death of a salesman" and Upton Sinclair's "The jungle", 2006. (Grabher)

Pezzey, Romina. Routes and roots: Bharati Mukherjee's novels "Desirable daughters" and "The tree bride", 2006. (Scheer)

Speiser, Margit. Ennobling the trivial: Susan Sontag's "The volcano lover" ; a romance, 2006. (Grabher)

Sprenger, Simone. "She who learns must suffer": Disturbances in the field by Lynne Sharon Schwartz and "The good husband" by Gail Godwin (and dealing with death and grief in school), 2006. (Grabher)

Stark, Evelin. The aesthetics of violence in American martial arts films, 2006. (Klarer)

Summer, Carmen. Pattern or coincidence? Thorton Wilder's "The bridge of San Luis Rey" and James Redfield's "The Celestine prophecy", 2006. (Grabher)


Auer, Maria. Fighting with words: the poetry of Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, and Alice Walker in reaction to the struggle for equal rights as African American women, 2005. (Grabher)

Berzler, Barbara. The silent but hot protest: jazz as a social and political voice, 2005. (Grabher)

Egle, Elisa-Katharina. The meaning of dreams in various short stories of Gail Godwin with an interdisciplinary approach to a classroom adaptation of the topic, 2005. (Grabher)

Erlacher, Andrea Maria. Identity, home, and the importance of language in Eva Hoffman`s "Lost in Translation", 2005. (Scheer)

Fazekas, Silvia. Comic and tragic aspects in selected short stories by William Faulkner and Eudora Welty, 2005. (Grabher)

Felderer, Julia. "Alone in a new-born world": a female perspective on the frontier experience, 2005. (Grabher)

Fritz, Tanja. Biblical elements in Madeleine L'Engle's fictions, 2005. (Scheer)

Frommelt, Corinna. The unlived life in Henry James: "The beast in the jungle" and "The jolly corner", 2005 (Grabher)

Karl, Margarethe. Language in Paul Auster's "City of glass", 2005. (Klarer)

Kluber, Evelyn. Connecting the past with the present to achieve wholeness: an analysis of Margaret Atwood's novels "Alias grace" and "Cat's eve", 2005. (Grabher)

Köll, Walpurga Karin. Death in postmodern American fiction, 2005. (Grabher)

Kolb, David. Cross-cultural Business Theories as a Method of Interpretation in the Humanities: Benjamin Franklin's Autobiographie in the Light of the Management Theories of Hall, Hofstede, Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 2005. (Klarer)

Melchart, Astrid. The healing potential of the spoken word in the Native American storytelling tradition, 2005. (Grabher)

Pescollderungg, Irene. The concept of the self in E. E. Cummings, 2005. (Grabher)

Pöschl, Andrea. James Salter's light years: a philosophy of life, 2005. (Grabher)

Rainer, Carmen. "They shut me up in prose": rejection of social and literary authorities in Emily Dickinson's poetry and life, 2005. (Grabher)

Säly, Andrea. Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton and Willa Cather vs. Victorian society: three female authors' quest for the "new woman", 2005. (Grabher)

Sternig, Kathrin. "In the name of justice": the role of the sheriff on a wild frontier, 2005 (Grabher)

Tammerl, Angelika. "Filling the void": absent parents in Gail Godwin's "Some side effects of time travel", "Father melancholy's daughter", and "The odd woman", 2005. (Grabher)

Thaler, Michaela. Sartre and identity: an analysis of Marsha Norman's "Night, mother" Flannery O'Conner's "A good man is hard to find," and Joyce Carol Oates's "Convalescing", 2005. (Grabher)

Valenti, Daniela. Gender in Alice Walker's novel "The color purple" and Toni Morrison's novel "beloved", 2005. (Klarer)

Vergeiner, Anja. The narrators' quest for belonging: the longing for being ; Chang-Rae Lee's novels "Native Speaker", "A Gesture Life", and "Aloft", 2005. (Scheer)


Atzlesberger, Birgit. Sexual liberation in late 19th- and early 20th- century literature as portrayed in Kate Chopin's "The Awakening" and Edith Wharton's "The Age of Innoncence", 2004. (Grabher)

Bischofberger, Cecilia. "Coming to terms with what we are": religious issues in Gail Godwin's novels The good husband and Evensong, 2004. (Grabher)

Blasl, Lucia Birgit. Beyond good doctor, bad doctor: aspects of AIDS in the memoirs of two physicians working with HIV-infected patients, 2004. (Grabher)

Blechschmidt, Manuel. This place is a prison: appearance and disappearance in American blank fiction, 2004. (Grabher)

Egger, Petra. Witchcraft and magic in American history and literature Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The scarlet letter" and Arthur Miller's "The crucible", 2004. (Grabher)

Esterbauer, Verena. The immigrant's search for identity in Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine and Desiderable Daughters, 2004. (Grabher)

Hartl, Martina. Irony selected short stories by Edith Wharton, 2004. (Grabher)

Künz, Andrea Manuela. The symbolism of colors and its cultural implications in Alice Walker's "The Color Purple" and Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye", 2004. (Grabher)

Maestri, Judy. Gender construction and performance in Hemingway's fiction, 2004. (Klarer)

Murauer, Mathilde. The fighting of Loneliness in Eugene O'Neill's "Long Day's Journey Into Night" and Tennessee Williams' "The Night of the Iguana", 2004. (Grabher)

Pirhofer, Christine. The mother-daughter relationship and women's search for identity in Marsha Norman's "'night, mother," Joanna Russ's "The little dirty girl" and Toni Morrison's "Beloved", 2004. (Grabher)

Pitschieler, Martin. Deny me and be doomed! impersonating Judith Butler's queer approach in the film musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", 2004. (Klarer)

Pöschl, Sabine. Truth in the t(h)reefold concept of unity in the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson: one out of three times three is one, 2004. (Grabher)

Schmalzl, Silvia. Performing gender: the representation of women within their historical and cultural context in "The white devil and the duchess of Malfi" by John Webster, 2004. (Klarer)

Schroll, Cornelia. Wakan Tanka: discovering the Lakota mystery, 2004. (Grabher)

Terzioglu, Gülsen. Class, culture, gender and ethnicity-related influences on the adolescents in J.D. Salinger's "The catcher in the rye" and Paule Marshall's "Brown girl, brownstones", 2004. (Grabher)

Thurner, Alexandra. Coming of age in the American South, the hearts and eyes of three African American women have seen the glory: the American Civil Rights Movement reflected in their biographies, 2004. (Grabher)

Walkner, Iris. Victims of male fantasy and obsession: women as idealized objects in Edgar Allan Poe's "Ligeia" and "The Oval Portrait" and Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Birth-Mark" and "Rappaccini's Daughter", 2004. (Grabher)


Jäger, Markus. Joan Baez and the issue of Vietnam: art and activism versus conventionality, 2003. (Scheer)

Krabichler, Maria. Moments of love and moments of loss in masterpieces of American literature: viewed from Zen-Buddhist and Christian perspectives, 2003. (Grabher)

Kubo, Akiko-Klara. Poetic rainbow: The symbolism and functions of colors in Edgar Allan Poe's tales "The black cat," "Shadow - a parable," and "The masque of the red death", 2003. (Grabher)

Mähr, Christine. Silences in Joy Kogawa's "Obasan" and Jane Campion's "The piano", 2003. (Grabher)

Moosbrugger, Karin. Native American traditions, religion and ceremonialism as reflected in Leslie Marmon Silko's novel "Ceremony", 2003. (Grabher)

Nussbaumer, Kathrin. China in their hands: Maxine Hong Kingston's "The woman warrior" and Amy Tan's "The bonesetter's daughter"v ; a portrayal of the narrator's development from silence to storytelling, 2003. (Grabher)

Oberhofer, Michaela. Changing identity in the contemporary novels "Solar storms and Tracks" by Linda Hogan and Luise Erdrich, 2003. (Grabher)

Schacherl, Jürgen. Jonathan Franzen's "The corrections", 2003. (Scheer)

Schnellinger, Claudia. Alice goes cyberpunk: Lewis Carroll's "Alice's adventures in wonderland" and "Through the looking class" in comparison to Jeff Noon's "Automated Alice", 2003 (Klarer)

Schönthaler, Doris. Women's search for identity and independence in Margaret Laurence's "The stone angel", "A bird in the house" and "The diviners", 2003. (Grabher)

Schwarz, Claudia. In Search of Keys: Music Performance in American Literature, 2003. (Grabher)

Tschirner, Renaud Carl. The relevance of contemplation: the evolution of Ezra Pound's aesthetics, 2003. (Klarer)


Hajek, Sandra. The female quest for identity in Toni Morrison's Sula and Alice Walker's The color purple, 2002. (Grabher)

Mettauer, Susanne. The artist in the folk storehouse: African American folklore in the writings of Langston Hughes, 2002. (Grabher)

Schweiger, Silke. New York City in American poetry, 2002. (Grabher)

Veith, Priska. In search of lost time: re-membering and dis-membering in Anne Michaels' works, 2002. (Grabher)


Böhler, Nadia. Sri Chinmoy: poetry for peace, 2001. (Grabher)

Casale, Deborah. Marriage and self-fulfillment in Gail Godwin's novels Glass people, The odd woman and The good husband: the importance of female independence within relationships, 2001. (Grabher)

Crepaz, Eva A. The Vietnam war as reflected in American literature: three literary perspectives, 2001. (Grabher)

Graber, Maria. The world of blacks in Zora Neale Hurston's short stories: ethnic and feminist tendencies in Hurston's character portrayal, 2001 (Grabher)

Gritsch, Sabine. The Power of the Female Eye. The Semiotics of the Gaze in Louisa May Alcott's Thrillers. (Klarer)

Gstrein, Tanja. Art as a companion on the journey to self-discovery in Gail Godwin's works "Violet Clay", "The Good Husband", and "The Legacy of the Motes", 2001. (Grabher)

Klein, Verena. Literature about literature: an analysis of Carol Shields's Small ceremonies, Swann and The stone diaries, 2001 (Grabher)

Mitterer, Martina. Gender roles and role reversal in "The Story of Avis" and "Doctor Zay" by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, 2001. (Grabher)

Ortner, Simone. Space in Thomas Pynchon's V., 2001. (Grabher)

Pareiner, Michaela. "Embracing the feminine" in nature: women writers of prose as intermediaries between nature and the human world, 2001. (Scheer)

Pattis, Jutta. The Trickster and the Actress: Louisa May Alcott: "Behind a Mask; or A Woman's Power" (1866), 2001. (Klarer)

Seifried, Martin. The consolation of pretense: life-lies in Tennessee Williams' "The glass menagerie, A streetcar named desire, Cat on a hot tin roof", 2001. (Grabher)

Straif, Barbara. A room of her own: the woman artist and space in Alice Munro's "Lives of girls and women" and "Who do you think you are?", 2001 (Grabher)

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