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After a hiatus in 2017, Austria is a member of PRACE again, now represented by Aconet. See PRACE Homepage - Members.

1 Overview

PRACE is an EU-funded association of 26 European countries to provide access to HPC infrastructure beyond the scale of local or national installations (such as VSC), open to researchers with large-scale HPC needs in all universities in the participating countries. PRACE collaborates with other European HPC initiatives and considers itself as the "Top Level of the European HPC Ecosystem".

Benefits of PRACE Membership

Austria is represented Austrian Association of Academic Networks ACOnet.

In addition to making large HPC systems available to researchers, PRACE offers training in advanced topics of HPC.

2 How to get computer time on PRACE

If your research requires the use of top level HPC systems (many 1000s of cores, many millions of CPU-hours), you may apply for access to PRACE resources.

There are two types of access to PRACE resources

  • Preparatory Access allows you to optimize your code for the target system. Support by experts is available.
  • Project Access is for production runs. It is strongly recommended to start with preparatory access before applying for project access.

Extensions and multi-year access are also available.

Proposals for Project Access may be sent to PRACE during semi-annual time windows announced in Calls for Proposals.

Proposals are reviewed and ranked for technical and scientific criteria. After successful review, allotments of compute time on the system specified in your proposal may be granted subject to available resources and priorities of other submitted proposals.

Proposals need to be specific (e.g. research goals and benefits, previous research and publications, justification for the use of a large system, system requirements, fitness of used software for large systems, time frame and detailed work plan). For details, see the Guide for applicants.

If you intend to submit proposals to PRACE, please contact

3 Local material

4 External links

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