Three different types of storage are available on both clusters, the LEO1 and LCC:

directory storage integration description
/home shared to all nodes
  • High quality storage with either 150 MByte or 250 MByte depending on your account.
  • All data in the home directories will be backuped (multiple snapshots).
/hpc-scratch shared to all nodes
  • This storage should be used for large input and/or output files you need for your applications.
  • A RAID configuration prevents data loss caused by a disc failure. Please note, that by design and policy, there are no backups of scratch. Users are responsible for safeguarding their data according to their needs.
  • Your scratch capacity depends on your HPC-SCRATCH account. In exceptional cases we can temporarily increase your scratch space to a few TB.
  • Please get yourself acquainted with the usage instructions of the HPC-SCRATCH space.
/tmp local on every node
  • This data area may be used for temporary files during job execution.
  • At the moment there are no quota limitations.
  • The central computer service is allowed to delete files in this directory after every job run, in case there is not enough space left.

Please note, that the home and scratch directories are available on every node within a specific cluster. These directories are shared whereas the /tmp directory is local on every node.

If the above mentioned quota limitations are too strict for your needs, please contact the system administrator ( It is no problem to increase the limits if there are reasons to do so.

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