Registration for Oral Exams
at the Department of Systematic Theology

For each oral exam a Prüfungsprotokoll is required. Please do not forget to print it out and hand it in when you take the exam.
If not stated differently, the exam takes place in the lecturer's office.

The registration period ends three days prior to the exam.

(For written exams: registration via course catalogue; no Prüfungsprotokoll required.)

Personal data

Your name:

Your student ID (Matrikelnummer):

Studienkennzahl (ID of the study program) of the study program for which you would like to take the exam:
Please give the Studienkennzahl of the study programm, for which you would like to register the exam. If you want the exam to count as credit for other study programmes, apply to the Prüfungsreferat.

Contact (email adress at the university, possibly telephone number as well):

Information on the exam date

You can find the relevant data on the page "Exam dates".


Date of exam:

Information on the course

You can find the relevant data in the course catalogue.

Course title:

Course number:

Term of the course (e.g., "WS 2023/24"):


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