People of the Department of Systematic Theology


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Professors and Associate Professors

Other Academic Staff (Assistant Professors)

Collaborators for Scientific Projects:

Non-Academic Staff

Student Assistant



Theologians who habilitated in Innsbruck in a field related to our department

  • Alexander LÖFFLER (Fundamental Theology, 2020)
  • Teresa PETER (Fundamental Theology, 2019)
  • Petra STEINMAIR-PÖSEL (Christian Social Ethics, 2017)
  • Matthias REMENYI (Dogmatic Theology, 2016)
  • Christoph AMOR (Dogmatic Theology, 2013)
  • Nikolas WANDINGER (Dogmatic Theology, 2012)
  • Willibald SANDLER (Dogmatic Theology, 2011)
  • Franz GMEINER-PRANZL (Fundamental Theology, 2011)
  • Elmar KOZIEL (Fundamental Theology, 2010; Dogmatic und Ecumenical Theologie, 2007)
  • Wilhelm GUGGENBERGER (Christian Social Ethics, 2006)
  • Petro MÜLLER (Dogmatic Theology and Dogmatic History, 2003)
  • Roman SIEBENROCK (Fundamental Theology, 2001)
  • Ralf MIGGELBRINK (Dogmatic Theology, 1999)
  • Silvia HELL (Dogmatic und Ecumenical Theology, 1997)
  • Wolfgang PALAVER (Christian Social Ethics, 1997)
  • Mariano DELGADO (Fundamental Theology, 1995)
  • Joop H. A. VAN BANNING (Dogmatic Theology and History of Theology, 1993)
  • Josef RÖMELT (Moral Theology, 1990)
  • Wolfgang KLAUSNITZER (Fundamental Theology, 1986)
  • Herwig BÜCHELE (Christian Social Ethics, 1973)

Deceased Professors

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