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Dr. Franz von Ottenthal's "Historiae Morborum"

An Interreg IIIA-Project


Dr. Franz von Ottenthal served as a General Practitioner in Sand, in the South Tyrolean Tauferer Ahrntal, over a period lasting more than 50 years, from 1847 until 1899. He noted down patients name, age and place of residence, translated their ailments and wishes into Latin, made his diagnosis, distributed medication, noted their success or failure and recorded his assets. He left behind a total of 244 books with over 87,000 medical records - the "Historiae Morborum".

The source is presented in a grid form that is being transferred into a database, financed over a period of six years from the European Union and the Countries of Tyrol and South Tyrol. The aim is to make the records of the country doctor Ottenthal available to a wide range of scientific researchers. The "Historiae Morborum" documents over decades the health conditions of the predominantly rural population, living in a geographically and economically disadvantaged area. They are not only stories of illnesses and their course of development or of pharmaceutical progress, but give and insight into the social structure of an inner alpine valley and outline the life and problems of individual people.




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