The programme can be downloaded here.  Some speakers kindly provided their presentations for download.

The presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the presentation.

Alderson Charles J.
Principles and practice in language testing: compliance or conflict?
Berger Armin  Validating analytic rating scales for speaking at tertiary level
Burghout Carel The Impact of Rubrics on Assessment Attitudes in Literature Studies
Capel Annette
Reliable testing at B2 lebel with the English vocabulary profile
Davies Dianne
Is it all in the blend?
De Jong, Nivja Judging speaking fluency: What do raters do, and what should they do?
Friedl-Lucyshyn Gabriele
Introducing standardized exams: a managing change perspective
Frötscher Doris Investigating the washback of a standardized examination on classroom assessment
Gad Lim Developing and Maintaining Marking Standards in Writing Assessment
Gunduz Pinar & Idil Gunes Ertugan Teacher and Student Perspectives on Oral Exam Standardization
Holzknecht Franz & Kremmel Benjamin Is rater training worth it?
Hosp Sabine & Heel Marietta Opportunities of Testing Speaking in the new Austrian Matura
Hulešová Martina & Kotrčková Eva Dilemma of the first year of Maturita in the Czech Republic
Kiddle Thom Online speaking assessment and the implications for construct validity
Koidl Thomas The impact of language testing on teaching practices
Konzett Carmen Fine-tuning the language of assessment scales: every word counts
Mareschal Michel Influence of standards implementation on students motivation in French classroom
Marinell Annabell & Konrad Eva What do the kids think? An analysis of feedback questionnaires
Martinez Ron Putting a test of multiword expressions to a test
Mbali Charlotte Authentic Speaking Assessment using both L1 (Zulu) and the Language of Learning (English)
Morrow Keith What do standards mean for teachers?
Newbold David  Towards a Test of English for European University Students
Platzer Hans & Verdonk Désirée  Quis custodiet ipsos custodes - Who standardizes the standardizers?
Ryan Patricia Does International English Testing cause Language Loss?
Siller Klaus Scoring Validity in Austrian National Writing Tests
Stadler Wolfgang What comes next in language testing?
Steinhuber Belinda Upper Secondary Vocational Education – Teachers, Learners and Standards for English
Sumer Huriye & Ceylan Hasret Standardization of an Institutional Exam: Does it Make Any Difference?
Tauschitz Isolde AOC and beyond – Awareness – Orientation – Coaching
Thelen-Schaefer Irene Reading literacy of Austrian youth: between PISA and the “Matura”
Wagner Sanja Teaching and Testing Reading Skills
Walsh Ursula The Role of Oral Feedback in Writing Composition
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