How to reach Innsbruck


Innsbruck is located in the midst of the Alps, about 150 km from Munich, 290 km from Zurich and 500 km from Vienna.

Innsbruck on Google maps:

Useful route planner:


…by car

Innsbruck can be reached via the A12 motorway network (East and West) easily   accessible from all directions. Toll stickers are a requirement. Extra toll fees are also charged on the A13 motorway when coming from Italy.


…by train

Innsbruck is easily reachable by train. There are international train connections to all European capital cities. The train station is situated in the centre of Innsbruck.


Useful website for checking timetables or booking your train ticket:


…by plane

Innsbruck can be easily reached by plane through the following three airports:

Both Munich and Salzburg are approximately 2 hours from Innsbruck by train ( or shuttle taxi (

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