In June 2019, the RoboCup@Work LFUI team TYROLICS started as a cross-site project of the University of Innsbruck. The team consists of bachelor and master students, as well as staff members of the Institutes of Mechatronics, Computer Science and Fundamentals of Technical Sciences. Additionally, the team is accompanied by Prof. Gerstmayr, Pfurner and Piater. An exchange between the different departments (mechatronics, computer science, electrical engineering) has already begun at the student level and is to be further expanded. Close links with robotics courses (Gerstmayr and Piater), as well as several Bachelor's and Master's theses, mean that teaching content can be quickly applied to industry-relevant problems.

The mechatronic design of the mobile robot platform was completed in 2021, so that the focus was then on implementing the mechatronic components and the software. Thanks to close cooperation between the mechatronics and computer science programs at Campus Technik Innsbruck, considerable progress has already been made and the cooperation between the two programs has been expanded.

LeoBot can be separated into two main parts, a mobile base platform using Mecanum wheels and a mounted Franka Emika Panda serial manipulator. The development of this mechatronic system was done by researchers of the University of Innsbruck, following the so called "V model" for mechatronic developments according to the VDI2206 standard.


Additional information as well as the developed software can be found in the supplementary material on the teams GitHub page (


Participation in the World Championships 2021 (decentralized, held in Innsbruck) and the German Open Championships in Magdeburg 2022 could also be done with the developed robot. The newly formed team was able to take home 7th place at the World Championships 2021 and 4th place at the German Championships 2022.

In addition, the first scientific publication within the framework of the project could already be carried out at the RoboCup Symposium 2022 in Bangkok. 


Videos around the project can be found on the YouTube Channel of the team:




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