ICPE 2019-ECCE Asia conference

Univ. Prof. Dr. Petar J. Grbović will present a tutorial:

  • Power Converters for Energy Storage Applications : Analysis and Design from Theory to Practice

 and two conference papers:

  • Partial-Power Rated Single-Phase Diode Boost Rectifier for Three-Phase Applications, and
  • 5 Level E-Type Back to Back Power Converter for Integrated Generator-Converter System

      ICPE 2019-ECCE Asia is one of the most important conferences that bring Power Electronics Society  members together from around the world to share professional experiences, expand our professional networks, and receive updates on the latest advances in science and technology in the field of power electronics.






Univ.-Prof. Dr. Petar J. Grbovi
ć has been selected as a Distinguished Lecturer (DL) of the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS).

The IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program is one of the most exciting offers avaliable to the IEEE Society Chapters. Ecah year, the IEEE PELS selects a few distinguished members of our profession as Lectures. This not only celibartes and honors their high Achievments in the filed of Power Electronics but alos supports PELS chapter activities by providing high profile Speakres for local chapter/section Events.

 For further Informations visit: https://www.ieee-pels.org/


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i-PEL  joins ECPE network as a Competence Centre

Thanks to the support of industrial members of the ECPE network, Innsbruck Power Electronics Lab. (i-PEL ) has been recognized and integrated into the ECPE as a new member of Competence Centre Family. Being an active member of the ECPE network will further strengthen our links with European industrial and academic partners, offering great potential for future research collaborations, educational activities and promotion of the role and importance of power electronics University of Innsbruck in general.

ECPE European Center for Power Electronics e.V. was founded in 2003 on the initiative of the 8 leading companies of power electronics industry as an industry-driven Research Network. In the meantime the network comprises 91 member companies. Furthermore, more than 97 European universities and research institutes are integrated in the network as so called Competence Centres.

As a European technology and innovation platform, ECPE is driving precompetitive joint research and set up research & technology roadmaps for a strategic research agenda with future research directions according to the demands of European power electronics industry. The ECPE education and training program covers a wide range of current topics and addresses especially engineers from industry.

In the ECPE foundation phase it was a major challenge to emphasize the importance of power electronics. But driven by the megatrends to increase the energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy and then later e-mobility, the importance of power electronicsand the corresponding awareness has changed a lot. The topic has moved from the niche to the spotlight.

Power electronics is a key technology with influence on the overall infrastructure of energy supply, the industrial area of motion control and drives, the industry automation and on the traffic technics. Furthermore, power electronics is a technology driver for the future intelligent systems with communication capabilities, and holds an enormous energy saving potential in home & office.

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